November 26

Instruments made out of Wood

When instruments are made, they are made with specific wood that has a nice sound and texture. Although some are not good for the earth. The material to make violin bows is very wasteful. Before using wood to make instruments, the wood must be seasoned which takes about 10-15 years. For bows, they first have to use resonance spruce and the Balkan maple. It makes playing sound much better and gives the bow a rigid feeling.

November 13

Technology 7 – 1st Post

I’ve built many things before. One thing that I remember building, with lots of help, was a tent when I went camping with my family.

A few years ago my mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle and I, went to a camp site and put together a huge tent. The tent came with many tools that we used to assemble it. We had to use a hammer and nails and of course the tent. We nailed down the nails in the ground with the hammer. Then we attached the tent and assembled it. After it was all put together, we put the blow-up mattress, lamps and some food in it for the night and slept. With teamwork, tools and materials we used, the tent stayed up for the night.

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