Getting A New Bed

When was the time you got a new bed after you had your crib? This is a story of what I got for Hanukkah in 2017.

When I was born I had a crib. Then I got a twin bed when I was around 3 years old and I’ve had it since I was 10. Now my present for Hanukkah is getting a new bed! I am so happy and excited! I finally get a bigger bed and more room to sleep. I am getting a double/full. I’ve been planning to get a bed since the beginning of December. It is my only present for Hanukkah because 1. It is a lot of money to get a new frame, new sheets, a new mattress, new pillows, new pillowcases, a new duvet cover, a new duvet blanket and a new headboard and 2. It is a big present. It is a lot of work to do this because you have to make sure everything is measured and the right size and also it matches your room. You don’t want to get a bed that is purple and you room is green. The color of my room is light pink. I got a bed that is gray with some white. It is already the end of December and I got my headboard, sheets, duvet cover frame and my pillows. My mattress is coming this weekend and I can’t wait to set it up and sleep in it! Everyday I think about how comfortable my new bed is going to be. When I sleep in my new bed for the first time at night, in the morning I might not be able to get up because it will be so comfortable! I can’t wait to sleep in it!!!

Hanukkah Party

What do you do for the Holidays with your family’s? In this blog post I will tell you what I do For the holidays.

I celebrate Hanukah. Every year for Hanukah my family and I have a huge party in the dinning area in my aunt’s building in New York City. Everybody from the building comes as well as some neighbors that live in other buildings right next to their’s and some friends and family. We have a tradition that we do every year. When we come we have to bring a present and put it in the middle of the table. Then each person takes a present and when they open it that is their present. We call it grab-bag. For my sister and I, everybody brings one present for us. When it’s time, we light the candles and say the blessing. We also have some food that people bring and we eat all together. I love this Hanukkah tradition. I think it’s so fun because everybody get’s together and I see my family. I get to see my cousin that I normally can’t see because one of them is in collage and when he has brake we never have time to see each other. Also I get many presents. Getting the presents is one of my favorite things that we do. Every present represents me. Last year I got sparkly clothes, lip gloss and more things that I love. This year we are doing this Hanukkah tradition and coming altogether. I am so excited to have so much fun!

My Writing Journey

My class and I have been writing so much so far this year in school such as essays, non – fiction, fiction and much more. I think I have grown as a writer. I love writing non – fiction and I think that I have gotten so much better writing in fifth grade than in 4th and 3rd grade. I like writing other types of writing but I have a talent on one type which is non – fiction. I could keep writing and writing non – fiction for a long time because I think I am good at it. Sometimes I try different types of writing. Essays are usually the hardest for me because there are many steps to write an essay and there are also many things you have to add to an essay to make it a good essay. It’s sometimes hard for me to think of examples to add but I finally come up with some good ones. My second favorite type of writing is writing reflections which is what I am doing now. I think that a reflection is a time when you get to reflect on what you are doing and how you do it. I think it is a time to reflect on you and what you have done. I like writing reflections because I can write whatever I want since it is about me only. I love writing and I think I am good at it and also I think that I have grown as a writer.


At home I am reading a book called Savvy. Savvy means to have a “magical power”. In this book a girl named Mibs is turning 13 and is discovering her savvy just like her other siblings went through. She has so much pressure on her like her dad just got into a car accident right before she turns 13 and also she is trying to get to her father up at Salina Hope Hospital. It all depends on her savvy, family and friends. Her savvy will help her get up to Salina and find her dad. Everyone needs to help. I might already even know what her savvy is because in the story when she wakes up in the morning her sister woke up at the same time as well as her brother’s turtle that has been sleeping everyday for so long woke up. Maybe she has the power to wake everyone up. That relates to her father because maybe during the car accident, Mibs dad got really hurt and died and maybe she has the power to wake him up again. Since a driver named Lester is a delivery man and is heading up to Salina to deliver something and also is taking Mibs, maybe once they get close she can use her savvy to wake her father up and he will be ok in time for her birthday. I wonder how she is going to figure out her power? Is her dad going to make it in time for Mibs 13th birthday?

My Constitution Project

In school my class and I are working on the constitution. My teacher gave my class and I a turn to roll a small box that has a topic on each side of the box. For example, on one side there was a topic about places and on another side there was a topic about events. I got technology. Then, we had to roll another small box. That box was about how you were going to put that information together. This time I got photo novel. That means that I can do a slide show, ask a question about the topic (how did they build this?, when did they build this?, who built it?), answer that showing photos and we also can write one or two sentences to answer the question. After that, my teacher showed us a list of topics we could research on. On the list I picked to research sewing machines. Since I’m doing technology some of my questions were, “What are the parts of the sewing machine?” or “How did the sewing machine work?” Now on that slide we get to write one or two sentences to answer the question and then put some pictures on the slide that relates to the question. I have learned a lot about the constitution and hope to learn more. This project was a really fun experience!

Home of the Brave

Our teacher is reading a book called Home of the Brave. We ask questions to help each other think about the book better. Here is one of the questions: Gol is a cow, but Katherine Applegate (author of Home of The Brave) also uses her as a symbol. How does Gol represent Kek’s past, present, and possibly his future?

Gol represents Kek’s past because most of Kek’s family members died. When Kek sees Gol he remembers his family because gol means family and also it reminds him of Africa and that’s where Kek came from. Gol symbolizes love for Kek. Kek loves his family. Gol being there is like Kek’s family being there. When he was taking care of gol, Kek felt like gol was apart of his family. I think gol might represent Kek’s future because maybe Kek will go back and take care of gol and than gol will be a real part of his family and he will be by Kek’s side. Kek is trying to get Gol to go to the petting zoo and to have a nice new place to stay and Kek is trying to get a new life back. Somehow Kek and Gol are alike. 

Go Rocketry!

Our class has been working on rocketry. My group is Mia, Om, Alex and me. Our group name is Science Minds. We all have to work together to make a rocket that shoots up really high. You might be wondering how can we calculate how high the rocket goes? Well we do that by using a clinometer and a trundle wheel. They are used to  calculate something in the air and where to calculate it. The first step we did was make an inspiration board to inspire unique ideas for our rockets.  My group is different. We all have ideas that can go together to make an amazing rocket. Or first though is what colors are we going to make our rocket and what materials are we going to use? We knew that markers wouldn’t work so well so we decided to use duck tape. The colors we used were purple, yellow, black, blue and green. We all though that blue and green were “science colors” so that’s why we used those colors. For the fins, Om had an idea to cut wood and bring it in. For the nose cone we are 3D printing.

It was time to design what our rocket would look like. We grabbed a piece of paper and started to sketch the rocket we wanted to build. We all had amazing ideas. We had to measure where everything was going to go so we would know where to put the fins when it was time to build.

Preparing was our next step. We had to gather up all of the materials we wanted. Duck tape, rulers, scissors, wood, bottle, and our nose cone. Then organize where we are going to put it on the rocket. It got a little crazy with everyone getting materials and organizing but we could handle it.

Building was one of the hardest parts of this project. If we messed up we would have to do everything over again unless you could fix the problem. Duck taping was really hard. We had to cut the right amount and place it in the right place without it sticking to anything. Before we glue the fins to the rocket we needed to sand that bottle first. Next was hot gluing the fins to the bottle. Then we are going to 3D print the nose cone and then hot glue it to the top of the bottle so it is pointing upwards.

We did our first launch! It was so awesome! I was a little bit of both. Nervous and totally excited. Our rockets went so high. My groups rocket went the second highest out of the other groups in our class. I was still proud of my group. We are still not done with our rockets yet. We have a second launch to do and we have to fix up our rockets. My group is going to change our wings, nose cone, and the color of our rocket. The wings are going to be changed to our school colors which are yellow and black. The nose cone is going to be smaller to fit better and the color of it will be red. We also will make the nose cone transparent. The rocket will be covered in white duck tape. We are cutting out some pink hearts and details and putting them on the fin. I can’t wait to do the second launch and see who’s rocket goes the highest!


This picture is of my group and I. Mia is the one that is holding the rocket my group and I made.

This picture is what my groups inspiration board looks like. The post-its are for saying why we used the pictures we used and how they are helpful to us.

This is a video of Om launching our rocket in slow motion.

I made a photo collage and it has some photos of my class doing rocketry.

We also are doing an Isaac Newton Biography Infographic. An infograghic is something were you have information and pictures and them put them together. Then you make an infograghic. You might be wondering, “who is Isaac Newton?” Well he is a smart guy that discovered gravity and the 3 laws of motion. Isaac Newton is a big part of rocketry. Without motion, we wouldn’t be able to launch rockets. On the computer, we prototype an idea of what our infograghic will look like and we do the same on paper. Then when we think our infograghics are done, we print it out. That is the process on how we make our infograghics.


Spring Break

I can’t wait to have spring break! I get to relax and go on vacation. I will be going to Camel Back Resort. There are many things to do there. There are roller coasters, an indoor water park, an indoor lazer tag, an indoor mini golf, an indoor climbing course, a skiing slope, and outdoor climbing courses. I will have a great time! I also will be having Passover and helping my mom cook.

Spring Break!

My Colonial Entertainment Reflection

This was a really fun Colonial America project. Some parts were challenging like picking the books with the right information, picking your own topic, picking a good topic, revising everything and making everything perfect. Some parts were easy like adding pictures, doing captions, linking words and much more. There were many parts/steps to making your own Colonial America book. The last step of all is revising and making everything perfect.


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