April 6

Spring Break

I can’t wait to have spring break! I get to relax and go on vacation. I will be going to Camel Back Resort. There are many things to do there. There are roller coasters, an indoor water park, an indoor lazer tag, an indoor mini golf, an indoor climbing course, a skiing slope, and outdoor climbing courses. I will have a great time! I also will be having Passover and helping my mom cook.








Spring Break!
March 8

My Colonial Entertainment Reflection

This was a really fun Colonial America project. Some parts were challenging like picking the books with the right information, picking your own topic, picking a good topic, revising everything and making everything perfect. Some parts were easy like adding pictures, doing captions, linking words and much more. There were many parts/steps to making your own Colonial America book. The last step of all is revising and making everything perfect.


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