Sphero Lesson 2.0/3.0

On 3/6/17, our class did our second sphero lesson. Since we didn’t go to school on Tuesday, we had to do lesson 2 and 3 combined in half an hour. It didn’t go as planned. Lesson 2 with Mrs. coopers class was as usual, tiresome, and annoying because the two boys were not behaving. Tyler asked, ” when are we actually going to use the in life?”, that is just one example of annoyance. Another example is when Janghee asked, ” why can’t we do ramps like the other group over there?”, by the time we were done teaching colors, sound, speak, loop, and loop forever, I was really irritated. But we got to play some games.

Mrs. Boyers class was not much better. They behaved, but they were ten minutes late, and I was really really irritated. I was like “WHAT?!?!?!?!”, but I acted normally. Even though they were ten minutes late, they got through it faster that Mrs. Coopers class, thankfully. After we taught them color, sound, speak, loop, and loop forever, we got to play a few games, and we did the ramp challenge.

Overall, I think sphero’s with Mrs. Cooper’s class was really bad, but sphero’s with Mrs. Boyer’s class was fine. I am happy that I don’t have to deal with Mrs. Cooper’s class anymore.

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