Bob’s Back!!!

Bob the bear has returned to the classroom! He was found under a radiator, and is currently in the warm arms of bob the sloth!! Also, we have a new addition Bob’s family. We’ve found bob’s sister, Bobette!!

LED Lights

In Technology class yesterday, we connected alligator clips with the battery wires, connected it to the board, connected some jumper cables with that, and connected it to the LED light to make it light up! I was so happy to see that the LED light actually lit up. ๐Ÿ˜€


When we were learning about atoms yesterday. I remember Mr. Calvert saying that as much as you cut a grapefruit in half, and in half again, and again and again, you would never be able to find the atom and see it with your bare eyes. If you wanted to see the atom with your bare eyes, you have to make the grapefruit the size of the Earth! And guess how big the atom is………..ย  ย The size of a blueberry. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I was so amazed by that. I already knew that atoms are really really really small, but I didn’t think that if you made a grapefruit the size of the Earth, the atom would only be the size of a blueberry!

I’m still really amazed.

Getting Lost on The Way

The First Day of School and I’m already getting lost. It’s not like I expected myself not to get lost. I expected myself to get lost.

The first day of school was an A Day, I had Technology for my quarterly, and gym was right before it. Right after gym ended, everyone was looking for they’re quarterly. And lucky me, I totally forgot to bring my schedule with me. Great. I asked 3 grownups where technology was on the way to technology. And each time I got the directions, I just kept on getting lost again. Great, again.