Should Schools Give Rewards for Perfect Attendance?

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  • Do you think schools should give rewards for perfect attendance?
  • Why or why not?


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22 thoughts on “Should Schools Give Rewards for Perfect Attendance?

  1. I think schools should give rewards for perfect attendance. I think this because kids need a goal to work towards like getting to school on time.

  2. I think that people should not get a reward because if someone is sick then they can’t help it. For example if I were sick I can’t go to school and give other people a party just because I wasn’t here or I would not like to give my friends sick.

  3. I think that students should not get rewards for perfect attendance.Kids might like it if we have prizes so it shows there hard work but it wouldn’t be fair if you got sick or have an appointment and you were just missing that day.It also wouldn’t be fair because other kids might think that it’s not fair and would maybe have a bad relationship with that person.Also just because there will be an award doesn’t mean that you will go to school even if there is no award, like always you should go to school so you wouldn’t miss out on the things that the class learned.These are my thoughts on the question.

  4. This article is very interesting. I never thought of the idea of giving kids rewords for showing up at school. I am switching sides I mean what if you do have a good reason for not showing up at school. Also like the text says “it encourages the children who do not want to go to school to go to school”. If I had to say I would go with they should get rewords. Even thought they made a really good point why not to give rewords at some schools. But I think it is a cool idea for schools to do. I think it is even a good idea for my school.

  5. No i do not think it is a good idea to give awards because it is unfair for the kids that are sick or they need to go to the doctor sometimes they might go on a trip. for example my friend was sick and she to school just to get a reward then she will get more sick and it will start spreading to other kids and your giving out presents just for making kids come to school instead of letting them skip school some times so that why it is not a good idea to give out awards just for perfect attendance

  6. I think students should not be rewarded for perfect attendance because you should want to come to school to learn. You should want to come to school always. I think you should get rewards for good grades and behavior. I think I would do better in school if I got rewards. I would want money and toys for getting good grades.

  7. I think schools should give perfect attendance because if the people who are always here on time doesn’t get anything for coming on the right time, it is not going to be fair to them.

  8. I think that schools should give good attendance awards because it is important to be at school when you can so you can get good grades on your report cards. The other reason is that you have to take tests every once and awhile and you want to get good grades, and that is why I think that schools should give good attendance awards.

  9. I don’t know what to choose, because people who don’t have perfect attendance might, be out of school because of a bad cold or have the flu, or any other very bad who come to school every day might be sick or just coming to school for a prize.I also think no because the other kids in the school might be sick and came to school just to win the prize,and somebody might be sick and get other people sick.I also don’t get why teachers give movie tickets because maybe the persons parents do not want their kid to see that movie.I also want to know what the parents think about this. I also think yes because kids who don’t come to school get low grades on tests and sometimes get held back.I never thought about giving a prize for perfect attendance maybe we should do that at our school except you get to pick wether you want or do not want to be in the perfect attendance contest.I also thought no because kids might compete against each other or there might be a lot of fights or bullying or even kicking, hitting,punching,pinching,poking or even biting.I think my result is no!

  10. I think that there should not be any reward for perfect attendance because if the student were to come to school and possibly be sick, they could make others sick as well. If the student was really trying to get a perfect attendance and be very sick it will put their classmates and everyone in danger.

  11. I think you should not because if you are sick you can’t help it. And if you are on vacation also. so that is why i don’t think that you should give an reword for prfict attendenc.

  12. I think that schools should not give prizes for perfect attendance because what if the student is super sick him/her cant participate in school. I dont think that the schools should give a prize then if you are sick and come to school technically you would get more sick and probably get infected.

  13. No, because what if you had to go to the doctor appointment or you were sick. It is unfair to people who were sick and they had to see the doctor.

  14. I think they should not because then it would not be fair to the people who got sick or can not go to school because then even if they wanted to they couldn’t go to school, Also they might be spending time with a family member that they don’t get to see much.

  15. No because what if you were sick or you had a doctor appointment. It is unfair for the people that was been sick and they had to see the doctor.

  16. I think you shouldn’t give rewards for perfect attendance. I think this because it would be not fair to other kids in school that are sick, got a injury, or have a special event. For example, what if a child in a class room was sick but, every one else had perfect attendance, and when he or she came back to school, everyone had a party or something but,she had to do work in the hallway. No way! No one would want to do work while everyone else is having a great party. This reminds me when I was in Japan and I got really sick. And when it was time to give the sertifikat to the people who had perfect attendance, I did not get the sertifikat. I felt glad for the people who got the sertifikat, but, I felt sad because I didn’t get the sertifikat and I thought it wasn’t really fair to me and for the rest of the class. So those are my thoughts for the question.

  17. I think schools should give prizes for good attendance. This is my opinion because what if a whole class had every one except for one kid who got sick, how do you think that kid would feel. This leads me to another question. What if half of the class was absent while half of the class is getting prizes, half are sick or on vacation.

  18. I think schools should not give prizes. This is my opinion because what if a whole class had perfect attendance except one kid got sick or was on vacation. This leAds mr to another question what if half a class got sick and the other half where getting prizes such as, bikes ,money, movie tickets.

  19. I think that kids should not get rewards for perfect attendance because what if somebody is sick or injured? They can’t help it. Some can’t go to school because they are sick or injured. And this attendance thing convinces children to go to school. But what if they are sick? They can infect other kids. My suggestion is: they can do table points like us.

    P.S Some kids don’t even get the chance to go to school. That’s unfair that there are no rewards for those poor people. So now give those poor people some fun toys.

  20. I think that schools should not give prizes to kids for perfect attendance. If the kid is sick it is not fair to not get a prize for perfect attendance. Also, if the kid is sick they may not come to school because they could get a classmate or a teacher sick. If the kid has something important like a doctor’s appointment they can not come to school. Maybe the parents could write a note saying why the student is absent. I don’t think a student with perfect attendance should get a prize as big as a new bike helmet or movie tickets. If a prize is offered, I think the student who gets perfect attendance should get a certificate and a treat like candy.

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