15 thoughts on “Tell a Story!

  1. The dad is talking about getting a new TV. Then the mom says okay and the hole family was super happy. but when the dad and kid go to get it there was a bunch of rain and they couldn’t go.

  2. Once there was a man who woke up and called his son downstairs. Then they went outside. Suddenly it started raining. They were very disappointed.

  3. The father is telling his family all his important work. Then his son wants to dance with his father so the father dances with him. But it starts to rain so the dad just keeps telling his son about his boring work.

  4. Once upon a time a boy had a idea. The boys idea was to grill food outside at dinner. So at dinner time the family started to grill. The family was super happy. But not for long because it suddenly started to rain. The family got wet and it ended up to be a bad ending.

  5. Once there was a dad who was singing with the TV on, for the lyrics. While the mom and kids were playing near the grill that seemed to be lit. Then a little after the dad and the brother went outside and did not like it because it was raining!

  6. The father is talking about his important stuff.Then his son wants to have a dance party with the dad and the dad dances with his son.After a while it starts to rain and they have to go inside.

  7. One day there was a man with his kids dancing and cooking. His son was getting sick because of the smock so, the man took him out. It was raining and he got even more sick.

  8. One sunny day Mr.Funny, Was going to have a party. They were just about to start the party when it started to rain. They went inside to watch the parade because today was New Year.

  9. There once was a man who called his son to have barbecue with each other.The son said that it wouldn’t be fun but the man forced his son to barbecue with him.So they went outside and set up for the barbecue.Then they chatted,and ate and had fun.They this for a long time.After this they decided to go out because they had a carnival today.The son thought that it was the best day ever and he kept daydreaming about the future of his day.Then suddenly…it began to rain!So the son was so disappointed that he looked down all the way to home.That is my story for the comic.

  10. One day a man said I should ask my friend if he wants to play with me. Then he went to his friends when he reached his friend opened the door and said hi then the man said do you want to play with me his friend said sure why not then they both went to the mans house when they reached they both started to jump run and skip after an hour it started to ran they both said good by to each other and went back home The End.

  11. Once there was a young boy and he was having much fun with all hi siblings he was playing with his older brother and younger sister. He was very happy he began to walk out side to go to school. All was good but when he got out side there was a big rain cloud and it was poring.

  12. One day a man said he wanted to have a barbecue. He had burgers with his dog and his son it was very fun they also so partied but when it started to rain it wasn’t fun anymore.

  13. They was a boy have a brown hat.They another two people one is baby anther in wering blue hat.They dancing and food in BBq .Finally they are boy have blue hat crying and man have brown hat is look like is explaining.

  14. Once a dad went to his son and asked him to play outside instead. Sudently it started to rain. So they had to go back inside and watch a movie.

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