9 thoughts on “What is this man thinking?

  1. The man is going to the super market. He has 20 dollars. He wants to go to the dollar store. He is going to the dollar store, and then he thinks “what will I buy”. Then he says I want to buy the green socks then he says I want to buy blue socks. And goes back and forth.

  2. That man is thinking about his birthday and what he is going to get.
    He thinks he is going to get a red bike a with blue bell. He also is thinking that he is going to get his own tree house that says boy’s only on top of the door. And he is thinking of eating a lava cake on his birthday.
    And that is what the man is thinking.

  3. I think more then one answer. I think he was trying to recall his day or trying to remember his idea or has not come up with a idea yet and is thinking of one now.

  4. Once upon a time there was a man with no name. For his whole life he was thinking of a name. Then one day he had a idea. He noticed inside the word thinking there is the word king. So the man picked the name King. He noticed King is an last name but he didn’t care. 1 day later he got hired to a Soccer team. The man’s teammates were mad because he didn’t play well. A little later one man on King’s team said, “ You shouldn’t have the name king, you are the opposite of a king. You are FIRED! “ The man was shocked after that for the rest of his life. It ended up that he was thinking about why he got fired.

  5. The man is thinking if he is going to go to the water-park tomorrow and play in the pool all day long. He would invite his friends too. They would have so much fun! He thought, that but then the next day none of his friends were free and he was very sad.

  6. One day this man named Joe was thinking about his hair. Everybody in his family told him to make his hair longer. Even his dog! But all his neighbors told him to leave it the way it is.

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