18 thoughts on “What is empathy?

  1. Empathy is when you understand how someone else feels. for example: A bully rips my brothers teddy bear he cries I feel bad for him and I cry to.

  2. Empathy is (2) things
    1.Feeling how another one feels.
    2. seeing in the eye of another one.
    empathy is rely gust feeling how another one feels

  3. Empathy is when you can feel how someone is feeling. For example if I were feeling sad someone mite feel the way I’m feeling.

  4. I thought that the video was funny.
    I thought it was funny because, Murray kept on saying he doesn’t get what Empathy means.

  5. I think Empathy really good because then you can help the person better if you understand there feelings. The video was a good way to learn what Empathy is because it had more then one example that helps you understand Empathy.

  6. My thought for this video is that it was funny.It is funny because Murphy feels empathy but he doesn’t know that he’s feeling it even though Mark explains it two or three times.

  7. I feel happy for Murray because he knows what empathy is. I also learned what empathy is, In the video I think that was a good way to teach people what empathy is.

  8. My thoughts and reactions to the video a that I like that it’s taught in a fun way. Sesame Street really knows how to teach. Now I know that empathy means to know somebody else’s feelings.

  9. I thought the video was funny and I also thought that the video was emotional. I think that because Marie was acting like he did’t understand and that was kind of funny and Mark was emotional by acting like a bee just stung him in the foot he was also emotional by faking that he lost his favorite teddy bear.

  10. I think that video was very funny and it also taught you about empathy even though I already know what empathy is.

  11. I learned that empathy is when you know how someone else feels. I felt like the video was talking about how to understand what empathy is.

  12. Hi this is my comment! I feel happy because Murray learned a new word. I think it was a good idea that they made this video because people might not no what is empathy. Hope you like it.

  13. My thoughts about Empathy are. That empathy is where you can picture how that person is feeling. Sometimes when your feeling sad or mad or anything maybe that person will now how your feeling.

  14. I think it is funny for 3rd graders (like us). But for people with disability (dis·a·bil·i·ty) takes more time to learn. So it works for them and they understand it.

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