14 thoughts on “Tell A Story!

  1. One day a tiny alien spaceship is flying in a yard. Then a dog chases them and grabs the spaceship with its mighty jaws. Then the owner takes the spaceship to his house and takes the aliens and eats the aliens.

  2. There once was an alien spaceship that was trying to invade the earth. In the spaceship there were two aliens named Greg and Jeff. Then a human picked them up and threw them into a dogs mouth. It was an alien spaceship toy.

  3. There once was two aliens flying in there frisbee ship. One day they were attacked by a dog. The dog ended up giving the ship to a human and the human through the ship so the aliens were flying again

  4. Once there was aliens called Jupiter and Saturn on earth. The aliens were being played by a dog. Then the owner came to the dog and noticed that the spaceship where the aliens were was not a dog toy.

  5. Once upon a time me and my friend Bob set out to see the mysterious planet Earth. Oh! by the way my name is David. While we were about to land a monster attacked us it was huge with a big furry tail and big sharp teeth! Then this human called the monster Max the human said, “Come here boy come here Max let me see what you fetched”. I can’t believe that human saved us!

  6. One upon a time there was an UFO toy that a boy named Bob owned. Bob could not find his toy. At that time a dog was biting the toy. No wander Bob could not find his toy. Later Bob figured that the dog had the toy. Bob put his hands out for the toy, but the dog liked the toy so much the dog wouldn’t let go. Bob was trying to get the UFO toy back. Bob tried and tried and tried but he couldn’t get the toy back. Bob was sad that he can’t play with the toy any more because of the dog. The end!

  7. One day, There were 2 aliens named Mike and Bob. Mike and Bob were flying there spaceship. Then a dog was right behind them about to eat them. Then the dog chewed on there spaceship. Hope you like it!

  8. Once there was a tiny space ship that was flying around the huge house controlled by aliens. One day a huge human came out that’s what the aliens thought because they were tiny.The human came and so did his dog. The aliens thought it was a hairy monster. The dog saw the space ship and ran to catch it. Soon the dog came back with the space ship in its mouth thinking it was a Frisbee.The end

  9. Once upon a time, there was an alien space ship was about to distroy the Earth. Then there moms called and told them not to. So they did not distroy the Earth. But they landed the space ship on the Earth. And then they got out of the space ship and met an human! But the human was not scared he showed them his dog.They lived happly ever after.

  10. once upon a time there were two toy aliens one was reading the map the other one was driving the space ship. They starting frowning because they see some thing big and scary. The little dogs came and bit the space ship the toy aliens were in. The aliens realize and were frowning even more. Then the dog named baily runs to his owner and sits down to give him the space ship. The owner was happy he got his space ship back.

  11. One day there were 2 aliens named Devin and Nittsa and they were flying in their spaceship. Then a dog came right behind and about to eat them. Then the dog took the spaceship then the dog’s owner Danny had a serious face on but the dog still had the spaceship in his mouth.

  12. Once upon a time, there were two aliens named Ooey and Gooey. One day, Ooey said, “I’m bored. Gooey, Let’s have a trip to a never discovered place!” ” OK! Let’s travel with our spaceship, 1O3.” said Gooey, excitedly. So, they went in the 1O3 and left planet Spurling. Few minutes later, the two aliens came to a planet called Earth. When they were going to land on Earth a wild animal with sharp teeth chased them. “Ahhh! were going to get eaten!” Ooey and Gooey screamed. Few minutes later, They got chewed and the two aliens fainted. ” Doggy, why did you chew this spaceship?” a voice said and the voice kept the spaceship, and the two aliens, Ooey and Gooey.

  13. Once upon a time there were tiny aliens in a space ship. Than they came to planet earth and what they didn’t now was a dog thought the space ship was a frisbee, the dog went chasing after it. After that the dog caught the space ship and gave it to it’s owner and the owner was wondering why there were tiny screams in the ‘frisbee’.

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