Sample – Personal Narrative

The Horseshoe Crab

         It was a hot and blinding day. I almost stumbled running down the stairs to the beach. The air smelt salty from the light spray of the ocean. The sand was yellow like there were gold little bits in it.  I threw off my black shirt and flip flops and went for the glistening water. I ran in and swam around to keep my body heat up.    

      After about one hour of swimming, jumping and splashing, I thought I would go for a walk. Walking to the end of the beach and back gave me cuts on my feet. When my family and I got back I noticed a funny looking rock so I touched it. The funny looking rock moved one centimeter.  I looked closer and closer and noticed a tail. Then I looked again and saw a hard shell.

       I yelled for my parents and my dad came running over.  He said it was a horseshoe crab, but in my opinion, it didn’t look like a horseshoe. A horseshoe crab is one of the oldest living species in the world.  My dad picked it up and remarked, “It’s tangled in fishing line.” He immediately told me to get his knife so I sprinted over to get it. At that moment, I knew he was going to try and save the crab. After about five minutes, we untangled the fishing line  and freed the crab.  It clawed in the sand until it got carried away by the waves.  Watching the crab slowly move away my heart was jumping with joy.

      I had a great day saving one of the oldest living species. During the walk back to the red cottage, where my family was staying, I recapped my whole day. I was thinking about all of the fun I had splashing  jumping, going for walks and saving one of the oldest living species in the world.