Computer Technology Changes Everything!

I think that this video was very cool because there were many things I never heard of or even thought to exist! One thing I think was very crazy and I keep thinking about it is the Lettucebot because I thought that the fact that a computer can sense it’s environment is crazy! One thing I like a lot that a person said was how creating a Pixar movie works with all the coding and math. I think the fact that building a house is effected by coding is hard to believe and very interesting. Overall, this video is very informational and interesting.

Capstone Blog Post #3


For Capstone this year, I have chosen to do a TedTalk because I like talking in front of people instead of making a video because I feel like when you talk live, you hear more personality. I think this for two reasons, you can hear the person’s voice tone better and when you are doing a video, you have music in the background so it is not boring but, in a TedTalk you don’t have music so it is up to you to make it sound better.

My favorite part about making my final project was writing the script. It was my favorite part because I like writing and I thought that it was fun making the facts into a script, figuring out what I wanted to share and putting personality in it. I also thought that making the slides was fun because all the dogs in the pictures were doing really cool things and the dogs were also really cute.

I only encountered one big challenge, shortening my script because I had so much research that I had to cut a lot of it. At first my script was ten pages and now I made it seven. It is still really long but it is less than five minutes and thirty seconds so it is ok.

I am half excited and half not excited about sharing my presentation because I think that the script incorporates many cool facts and the pictures really resemble what I am talking about. I am not too excited about sharing because though I added a lot of personality, I have a lot of facts and I hope it is not boring. Overall, I really enjoyed Capstone and am going to be sad when it is over.


Capstone Blog Post #2

For Capstone this year, I interviewed Officer Tierney, an officer from the Westchester Canine Unit. I interviewed him because my topic is police dogs and he works with police dogs. He even has one of his own named Genesse. Setting up this interview was not hard at all because we knew that this would be a perfect place for an interview since a week before and we did not care who we interview because everyone there knows about police dogs, so it was perfect. I asked twelve questions and I got all the information that I needed. The most interesting thing that I learned was the police men look for certain qualities in a dog. For example the dog has to be independent when the owner meets them and they have to not like being on their backs because, in the wild the predator will kill them that way. I did not run into any troubles during this interview time luckily because it was easy to find and secure a person and I did not have trouble getting the amount of information I needed. Overall, the interview process was short, easy and fun.



Capstone Blog Post #1

For Capstone this year my topic is police dogs and the main inquiry question is “ What are the roles of police dogs in society and why are they important?”. 

What I think was helpful in choosing my main inquiry question is my love for animals and especially dogs. I have always loved dogs and I think that they are only thought of as pets but, they are really so much more. When I was in Grand Central before coronavirus, I loved looking at the dogs but my mom said that I could not pet them. I thought that it was really inspiring that dogs can control themselves to do this and help others, so I thought that this would spread awareness on how we should give them more credit.

What I think was hard about choosing my main inquiry question was that I had a lot of ideas about animal topics such as guide dogs, dying coral reefs, pollution impacts on animals, kill shelters legal or illegal and animal abuse. I think that it was really hard to choose between them but I chose my topic because I have done projects based on some of these topics and I thought that police dogs is a topic that is unlike most of what I have done.

I have learned that I really like to go big or go home as a learner. I don’t just like to learn simple facts, I like to learn huge facts. For example, when I learn about global warming, I don’t want to just hear about how it is impacting the polar bears, I like to learn how it is impacting all animals.

Rube Goldberg

I thought that Rube Goldberg was fun and frustrating

I think that Rube Goldberg was fun because you can never go to big and when you do it, it is does not work for most of the time and when you finally get it, it is super exciting. It was also fun for me because my Rube Goldberg took up my whole basement and it was hard to get in. Now that we took it down the basement is empty and looks so much bigger.

I thought that it was frustrating because eighty percent of the time it did not work and when we tested it, it worked all the way until the last step. It was also frustrating because it was super hard to get into the basement and every time you touch the ping pong table, it fell down and sadly did not work. When we got it to work it was the twenty sixth time.

Long Walk to Water

I really liked the book Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park . It is about a boy named Salva and a girl named Nya who struggle with survival. Both characters need hope and courage to survive They are in different time periods but, they both struggle with survival. 

The part in the book where the little boy clanged on to Salva when they had to cross the river and then was shot made the biggest impact on me because the little boy was trying to survive and when he clanged onto Salva, he pushed Salva underwater and saved him unintentionally. This leads to the message of the book which is, in times of crisis you must put yourself before others. I think this is the message because many times, people left others behind. For example, when the war first started, Salva was left behind because he was the only kid in the group so the adults left him behind because he would slow them down.

I think that Salva and Nya symbolize a real crisis that happened before, a big war between North and South Sudan. Also the horrible water crisis. Nya had to walk every day to get dirty water for the family.

My overall thoughts for this book are that I have to remember that I have to remember to help myself before others in times of crisis and to not give up when things get hard. 

I recommend this book to everyone because it is full of survival, family, courage and risks.

False Fire

Imagine that you are driving to school and you hear a loud beeping noise. Also your friends and the staff are gathered outside the school. At that time you realize that there is a fire drill. The problem is, the expressions on the staff’s faces show that they don’t know if it is fake. It was September 13 at Heathcote school and the students had no clue if this was a drill. What a welcoming start for school.

Now in perspective of another student Morgan Greco, 5th grader in Mrs. Cooper’s class said, “ We were all scared and confused. The teachers were calling this a drill, but we knew that it was not supposed to be.” Here is another perspective of a student Mia Forray, another 5th grader in Mrs. Cooper’s class said, “ At first I thought that it was a drill until I saw fire trucks and I’m like, aww man, it’s the real thing.” My last perspective that I got is from Charlotte Papir, a fifth grader in Mrs. Cooper’s class said, “ I walked up to school with my mom and my brother and I hear the fire alarm, but when I see the police cars it made me believe more.” Most people had the same scared and confused reaction to this.

It turned out that the fire alarm was not working properly and it was a “False Fire”. It was also a Heathcote scare.

Rise Against Hunger

No more hunger. Act 9:00 in Scarsdale, NY on November 3rd, 5th – 6th graders from the Westchester Reform Temple packed five thousand meals for families in poor areas food. The head person told the volunteers a story on how he went to the Philippines and met a lady who went to bed every night wondering which of her children she was going to feed. The main idea of his story was to show how lucky everyone is without hunger. This food might even go to that family. He said that his mission is to end world hunger by 2030.

No more hunger. In Scarsdale, NY on November 3rd, 5th – 6th graders from the Westchester Reform Temple packed five thousand meals for families in poor areas food. The head person told the volunteers a story on how he went to the Philippines and met a lady who went to bed every night wondering which of her children she was going to feed. The main idea of his story was to show how lucky everyone is without hunger. He said that his mission is to end world hunger by 2030

If you want to end world hunger why don’t you too, volunteer or go to a soup kitchen. There are so many ways to help and why not act now. Don’t you too, want to help the world?


Launching Rocket #2

The launch did not go as well as I wanted it to go. Our rocket went really low. We were the first group and I was the rocket launcher and placer. The countdown master yelled “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one” and instead of the rocket shooting up so high we could not see it, it went sixty seven feet. That was very disappointing because our last launch, our rocket went one hundred ninety eight feet. 

I think that we should have stayed with the old shape of our fins and change the body to a thin body instead. I think this because I think that maybe our fins had to much weight and we also made them a little big. I also think that we added to much tape because my group wanted to make sure that the nose cone would stay on, we put a little too much tape. There were a couple little error that I think we could have fixed but too late now. 

I am happy though that we could agree on a lot and we tried to combine everyone’s ideas.I think that we could have done so much better though, but I do think that we tried to change it and we worked hard. It just did not work. 


Designing and Building Rocket #2

My group has built our second rocket and I was so excited for the launch and I was very confident that we would win. This launch should possibly be better than the first launch, considering a new design , bit it can worse. My group worked hard on the rocket design and how we built it.

 We changed the fin shape from a parallelogram to a triangle and we stayed with a thick body. I feel we should not have changed the fin shape because the last launch went so well that we should have kept the body so there could be a possibility that we do that well again. Besides that it went well. We thought think a thick body will hold more air like it did the first time. My group does not have a ton of patients so sometimes it was hard to work together. But our rocket looked great at the end.The building went fine but our nose cone is a little oddly shaped. 

Though I still think that we should not have changed so much.  I am still proud of my group because we tried our best to do a new and good design. I think that we could do better but I am still counting on it.