Launching Rocket #1

Today was launch day and I was really nervous that my rocket would not leave the launching machine. My group and I all had job during the launch. Two kids, including me were air pumpers and another kid placed the rocket and the last kid was the countdown master and he also retrieved the rocket. We were all so scared or at least I was and wanted to do our jobs right. 

The machine we placed the rocket on was basically a big wooden box that has a pipe inside. Then we put the top on and then we put the launching pipe on. Then the air pumpers (Me and another one of my group members) pump until the needle was at fifty. Next the rocket was placed the rocket on the pipe and the countdown master (Aaron) yelled “ Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,  four, three, two, one.” The rocket placer and retriever (Greta) pressed the launch button and the rocket blasted off into the sky. It went so high I had trouble seeing it. 

Next I was a clinometer reader which shows the angle of the rocket. Then we converted the angle of the rocket into meters and then I converted the meters into feet. My group came in second and the feet my group’s rocket went was 139.5 feet. I th8nk our design should stay the same for the next launch because it went so well. I am really happy with the results of the height and I am very proud of myself and my group.

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