What might happen if there were no rules, laws or government?

Imagine you live on an island far away.  There are no rules, no laws, and no government.  There is no one to tell you what to do.

  1. Would anyone have the right to govern you? Would you have the right to govern anyone else? Why?
  2. Would you have any rights? What might they be?
  3. What might people who were smarter or stronger than others try to do? Why?
  4.  What might people who were not as smart as others or who were weaker than others try to do? Why?
  5.  What might life be like for  you, your family and everyone else in a state of nature?

70 thoughts on “What might happen if there were no rules, laws or government?

  1. 1: no you should not have the rights to govern anybody else other than you because there is no gov so your own self has it own laws . it is unfair that you made the laws in a place whare thare is no

  2. 2. Nobody would have any right because there is no government to protect peoples rights and there would be no government to make laws about rights.

  3. 1. I think that if most of the people agree on the island, then I think that they should have a vote.
    2. Yes, I think that you would have the right to live, the right to freedom, the right to read anything you want, and also the right to go any place you want.\
    3. The people who are smarter then you might try to trick you into doing something bad like killing an innocent person, and the people who are stronger than you might kill their enemies, which might be you.
    4. They might try to escape this island for life purposes.
    5. Not just my family, but other families, too, might get killed by terrorists and murderers, or in other cases, bad people.

  4. 1. Nobody can govern me, and i can’t govern anyone else because we all should have the right to be free.
    2. I would have rights. The right of freedom, and the right of living.
    3. People who have more power might try to ruin our rights.
    4. People who have less power would try to get more power.
    5. Life would be hard in a state of nature.

  5. 3.People that are smarter or stronger than you may try to boss you around and make rules that you have to follow. They can do this because there are no laws yet. So people make rules of there own and try to make people follow them. Without somebody that makes laws, our world would be chaos.

  6. 1. I do not think that somebody has the right to govern somebody because if there are no branches of government than every body would be equal.
    2. I would not have any rights because there is no body to make laws to state those rights.
    3. I think people that are smarter and stronger might try to govern you because they are those things.
    4. People who are weaker or lest smart would have to try to stay alive around all of these people that are stronger or smarter that you.
    5. It might be hard for the people to survive in a state of nature because if there is no laws, ther is nothing to hold any thing back for somebody to hurt you.

  7. 3. I think that people were stoner and smarter might try to tack the peoples rights and you there smart and there stank to help them do that

  8. 1. I don’t think that anyone should be allowed to govern you, or you to govern somebody else, because if you start bossing people around, it won’t be fair to others who won’t stand up for themselves.
    2. I think that you will and should have rights. The rights you might have are the Natural rights like, the pursuit of happiness, right to life, and the right to freedom.
    3 and 4. People who are smarter and stronger than others, might use tricks to outsmart people and take stuff from them, and stronger people will use their physical strength to harm, and maybe even kill people. On the other hand, the weaker people (Mentally and Physically) will be the victims of these crimes.
    5. In a state of nature, my life will be good because you cannot be depressed by things that the governors say, but on the other hand, people can commit crimes legally which will put you in a state of danger.

  9. 4. People who are not as strong or smart as the people who are would probably band together to survive and would probably try to take power from the other people who are smarter and stronger.

  10. 1a. People could try to govern you but you probably wouldn’t let them. 1b. You could try to govern someone else but they probably wouldn’t let you.
    2. You would not have any rights because there would be no gov’t.
    3. They might try to take over the island because there are no rules about what you can’t do and what you can do.
    4. They may do there very best to become either really smart or very strong. People would do this because they may feel that without something that they are very good at they cannot survive

  11. 1. I don’t think anyone will have the rights to govern other people because it wouldn’t be fair to other people.
    2. We all have the natural rights (live, free, happiness, speak up, vote against). That might be it.
    3. People who are smarter might find a way to help people by making a government. Also, people who stronger might go with the people who are smarter to make a government.
    4. People who are not as smart might try to help out the ones who are smart and strong.
    5. Life will probably be hard because there might be people who are fighting over things.

  12. 1. I think that no one has the right to govern you and you can’t govern anyone else because there isn’t a government. The government makes laws and makes the country organized.
    2. I think there aren’t that many rights because there isn’t a government.
    3. The people who are smarter or stronger might say that they are better than you and treat people differently.
    4. They might call for help or obey the stronger people.
    5. I think it would be very hard and not pleasant,

  13. 1. No, I don’t think that others have the right to govern me and I don’t think that I have the right to govern them either. You can’t just be like, I’m going to tell you what to do, because others will think, why can they tell me what to do but my friends and I can’t tell them what to do?

    2.I think I have natural rights. I have the rights of Life, Liberty, Property and the pursuit of happiness. I would have these rights because I am born with them and nobody should be able to take them away from me.

    3.People who are stronger and smarter than others have a choice. They can either help other people or they can punish/tease other people. It’s really just what they want to do and its not for anyone to decide because no one knows what they are thinking.

    4. They can try to become smarter/stronger or they will run and hide away from people who are smarter/stronger then them. Its the same concept as number 3.

    5. I think that everyone would care about themselves or a few others. I think that unless we have a fair vote for a government, I wouldn’t be very easy to live.

  14. 1. No. They would not because there was not government to make that right
    2 . Yes. You would have the right for freedom, life, and anything you want.
    3.4.I think that the stronger and more smart people might try to take advantage
    5. INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 5. Life for me and my family would be very dangerous because with no government to protect us people can do what ever they want with everyone.

  16. 1. I think people should be able to govern you because then life would be crazy and you wouldn’t get any were, but only if every one agrees.
    2.I think that all people should have there natural rights.
    3.I think that the stronger people would try to make the whole island to there own.
    4.I think the that weaker people would just leave straight away if the stronger people were trying to take it over.
    5. Very, very insane.

  17. 1. If everyone agrees to have a government then they could have one and I think they should have a government to keep things stable.
    2. You would have some rights like the natral rights that you are born with
    3. They might try to make or create a govornment of there own because they want to create more rights for the people on that island.
    4. They might try to leave that island because they don’t have many rights.
    5. My family would probably be a little scared because we do not have a govornment or someone to keep things under control.

    • I really like the point you’re making, and I really am grasped by the point. I like how you brought up the point of how the weaker people would maybe leave the island. Great point.

  18. 1. I don’t think that anyone should have the right to govern anybody. I think this because there would be no fair way to determine a leader.
    2. You would have a lot of rights because you have no one ruling you, so you could do whatever you want, for example the rights to freedom, speech, travel and happiness.
    3. People who are smarter or stronger than others might try to trick you to get them into a political position that makes them into a leader.
    4. Other’s who aren’t as smart of strong might try to influence stronger or smarter people into helping them to get popular and into a leader’s perspective.
    5. I think life would be worse. I think this because when people don’t agree on something, with a government you can’t burst into fighting, because the police or swat or if necessary military will stop you. But without a government you can fight, there’s no one to stop the fight.

  19. 1, I don’t think that people should have the right to govern you, or you should have the right to govern anyone else, because everyone would think unfair if you tried to govern someone’s right and start bossing around.
    2, I don’t think people would have rights because there is no body to protect their rights.
    3,4, I think people who are smarter and stronger would try to lead everyone and start bossing around because there is no rules. I also think that people who are not smart as others think it is unfair if smarter people start bossing around.
    5, I think I would do nothing because there is no rules so I don’t know what should I do.

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