18 thoughts on “What is Cyberbullying?

  1. The cause of cyberbullying is people who get cyberbullied aren’t standing up for themselves that is a big reason why. If we stood up for ourselves nobody would get bullied

  2. The cause of cyber bullying is a person is mean to another person online or on any digital device. Usually, if the person tells another person, the bully will be even more mean.

  3. I know that cyber bulling can spread quickly, and that can cause the bully to encourage other people to be mean too.

  4. Cyber bullying is when someone on social media or the internet writes hurtful comments that could effect someones feelings. Also I think that it is caused by a bully who is mean and and the bully encourages other people to be mean too.

  5. I think the cause of cyber bullying is that people feel jealous and want others to feel the same way, so they use the internet to convince others. I think cyberbullying can be solved by trying to get kids to understand how to solve problems

  6. Cyberbullying is bullying but online. You can effect others feelings by embarrassing them online soothers can see. Cyberbullying is bad because it can spreed and make the victim feel worse because people know what happen to them.

  7. Cyberbullying is bullying people online, via messages, abusive behaviors in games, or ganging on people. It is exactly the same as normal bullying, but it is arguably worse due to the internet’s, rising popularity, it can cause stress because it can feel like everyone is bullying you at times, whether it’s in a game a chat app or social media, it can lead to stress and sometimes something even worse.

  8. Cyber-bullying is effecting someone’s feelings in a bad way on a piece of technology such as phone, tablet, and a computer. It can also make someone feel really bad about themselves because on the internet anyone can see it and the victim would feel really bad and embarrassed. NEVER CYBERBULLY PEOPLE!!!!!

  9. Cyberbullying is bullying people through the internet and social media. It makes people feel bad about themselves. People do it to get attention on the internet. People usually do it because they have a lot going on and their stressed out. You shouldn’t make people feel bad about themselves and if you are mad or stressed it only makes things worse.

  10. You can prevent cyber bullying by telling an adult about it. The adult should then tell the bullies parents about it, and then the parents will decide what to do.

  11. Cyberbullying is a way to make someone a bad way using the internet or social media. It can make someone feel like they have to stay away from everyone or worse. It is never the person who is getting cyberbullyings fault, the bully can make it feel that way though. It can also be when someone is jealous and wants to make other people feel the same way so they use the inter net. Cyberbully is not good.

  12. I think cyber bullying is when someone is being mean to someone but online through social media. For example, someone would send really mean through text messages and the victim of the bully would see the text message. Honestly, I think everyone in the school is very nice that they have no time for this nonsense.

  13. Cyber bullying is hurting someone’s feelings in a really bad way on a tablet, phone, and computer. The person who is getting bullied could also feel really embarrassed about them self. STOP CYBER BULLYING!

  14. Cyberbullying is being mean to someone online. It’s not necessarily picking on someone; it’s being mean in general. Just leaving a negative comment or saying something not-so-nice is considered cyberbullying. This is usually done through social media, but it can also be through texts or anything online. I don’t know if it relates to the cause or prevention. Maybe it relates to the cause. Also, sometimes people cyberbully, or bully in general, because it makes them feel more powerful and better about themselves. Cyberbullying also affects someone in a negative way that can hurt their feelings. Bullying people online can also be like critizing them, saying bad things or even revealing personal or embarrassing information to the public! Sometimes, the victim can feel extreme and depressional stress that makes them feel like it’s their fault, but it is NOT the victim’s fault!! Also, don’t forget to NEVER CYBERBULLY PEOPLE! But I don’t think anyone at Edgewood would cyberbully anyone else because they’re all very nice and respectful. Don’t feel afraid to stick up for your friend or a classmate if you see them getting cyberbullied, or tell a trusted adult.

  15. I think that cyber bullying is caused by people being mean to others on the internet. It makes the bully stronger and the person that they are bulling weaker so that causes the person who is getting bullied to think that they are causing the problem and they are the reason they are getting bullied but really that is not true. People cyber bully by posting bad or offensive stuff or commenting bad or offensive stuff.

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