Coding #4

My last coding project is on Tynker. I don’t have as much experience with creating games on Tynker. I decided to make a platformer game. I still need more practice making games on Tynker, but I am glad I learned something new. The object of the game is to get the coins and defeat the enemy. Good Luck!

Coding #3

For my third project on Scratch, I made a classic Pong game. Pong is one of the first video games ever made. It was made in 1972 by Atari. I decided to make this game because I enjoy playing it. The object of the game is to hit the ball with your paddle. Press space to start the game. To control the paddle move your mouse. Try to touch the ball a lot of times. The more you touch it the higher your score is. Good luck!

Coding #2

The second coding project I made was on Scratch. It is a game where you need to dodge the balls flying at you. You control yourself with the mouse. If a ball touches you, you lose! Try to stay alive as long as you can. One ball moves side to side. Another one follows you. The last one moves randomly. The score goes up every second you stay alive. I got the idea based on another Scratch game. Good Luck!

Coding #1

We were assigned to make four coding projects on either Scratch or Tynker. I made this game on Scratch. I like Scratch because it easy to access the coding blocks. This is a battleship multiplayer game! First, find a friend to play with. The way to play is one player uses the arrow keys to move up and down. The player presses space to shoot. The other player clicks Q and A to move to vertically and W to shoot. A player wins when he reaches 30 points. Good Luck!

Ignite Presentation!

In class, we were assigned to make Ignite presentations. An Ignite presentation is when the slides move automatically after 15 seconds. This lets you focus on the audience and not need to worry about the transitions of the slides. I did mine on why Scarsdale is a good place for families. We had a week to create and practice our Ignites. After a week, it was time to present in front of the class. I was really nervous because I didn’t wan’t to talk faster than slides were moving. This happened a few times when I was practicing. After a couple of people went, Mrs. Edwards picked me to present. I was terrified. I had no intention of going this early. When my presentation got put onto the screen, I didn’t have much time to get ready before it started. After the first slide, I realized that I was doing okay. I was sticking to the pace of my slides. After that I felt way less nervous. When I finished I was relieved. I was really happy I got it over with.