Capstone Blog 1: Choosing a Topic!

In fifth grade in Scarsdale there is a big project called Capstone. It is supposed to tie together our elementary school career. We need to pick a topic to research and create a presentation about it. This week our job was to think about a subject. A lot of kids already knew what they wanted to do. I had not thought about it at all, but our grade had a survey to help us get ideas. By the time we did the survey I already had an idea of what I wanted my topic to be. My first idea had something to do with artificial intelligence. Then I realized that I would have more fun researching something I had more of a connection with. I thought that I would like to do something that has something to do with sports. I was talking to my dad. He suggested something about sports franchise owners. I liked that idea and think that it would be a cool topic. When we were starting to think about our inquiry question I thought of an idea that didn’t have to do with sports and it still interests me. It was kids safety on social media. After a lot of thinking I changed my topic to that.

3 Responses

  1. I like how you made a connection to your topic because some people do things that they think will be easy. I also like how you introduced capstone in the beggining.

  2. Your post was really good. I liked how you explained your process of thinking before you decided your topic. I think that next time you should add a little more about your thinking while you were choosing your topic. Nice job. 🙂

  3. This blog post was really good because you explained everything step by step. For example first you explain what was happening then you explained the difficulties then how you finally choose your topic. This also kept me interested because you didn’t no what do do then you finally found out what to do. This blog post is really good

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