Capstone Post #6

After we wrote our main inquiry essays, we needed to make our presentations to share to our parents and the rest of the school. For our presentations we could either do an ignite or a TED Talk. At first I wanted to do an Ignite because I liked the idea of being done after three minutes. I changed my mind because the Ignite doesn’t give enough time to share all the things I learned about social media. The TED Talk is more flexible and if I were to fumble, it would be easier to get back on track. First, I had to write my script. I wrote out what I was going to say for each slide. I had to tweak my script a lot because I was not really sure about what I wanted to say before I got started. After I finished my script I started my presentation. The pictures in my slideshow related to the things in my script. My slideshow is about six minutes long. Now all I need to do is practice for my presentation. I’m glad I chose to do a TED Talk instead of an Ignite.

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