My Final Presentation #7

Yesterday I had my final Capstone presentation. After we had our moving up ceremony, we were ready to present to the parents. When I got to school in the morning, I saw that I was presenting first in the computer lab and that made me very nervous.

Once I got the room, I did not understand what was happening because all the parents were talking and I was just standing by the screen. Finally Senor Johnson got there attention and it was time for me to start. I felt nervous, but at the same time, I felt that I really knew my script and that I had prepared well for my presentation.

When I started everyone became quiet and was focused on my presentation. During the presentation, I felt confident and I remembered what I planned to say. I kept looking at Asher’s dad because he was smiling and right in front of me. Now reflecting on my presentation, I thought I did a really good job. I learned that practicing a speech a lot of times helps you because you know what to do if make a mistake. Practice also made me feel more comfortable in front of a group. I was really happy I went first because I could enjoy all the other presentations after I finished!

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