Circuits Switches!

In class we’ve been learning about closed circuits. To keep the circuit closed or open you can use a switch. We were assigned to make three switches, each switch needs to have a metal conductor such as tin foil. I wanted to make my switches unique. My first switch had a straw stuck between two wooden blocks. I punched a hole in the stick and stuck it in the stick. It also put tin foil on a pice of card board that stays on the ground. Then I put tin foil on the popsicle stick. My second switch was really simple, but our class was planning to play a game with the switches so I thought it would be fast. I got two pieces of cardboard and then I glued the tin foil on top of then. Then you press them together. For my last switch I got two pieces of cardboard and put tin foil on them. I also got a straw and punched holes in the cardboard. It stuck the straw through the holes. That makes it so you can spin the cardboard on top of each other.

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