Technology #11

I am now onto Sautering all the wires together I am really happy, since this is one of favorite things to do at technology! I had to  sauter the wires and the batter so they could all be connected. After I did that I drilled a hole into one of the caps of my flashlight were the light bulb was going to go and another  hole were the switch to turn the flashlight on and off was going togo. Now I am on to coloring my flashlight!

Technology #10

I have planned and measured my hole design for the flashlight now it is time to cut the wires and get the right types of pipes! When I was cutting the wires it was really hard because they are always twisting around and they can break really easily so I had to have an extra hand. I also had a lot of trouble sawing the pipes, because I couldn’t cut it straight, but thankfully I got the pipes or else I would have to re-do the wires and that would be VERY annoying! After I finish this it is on to sauterint!

Technology #9

I have started to plan out what my flashlight is going to look like! My design is going to be a 3 piped flashlight one pipe it going to have a “breathing tube in it” another pipe is going to have “food in it” and then the last one is going to be the flashlight. I hope my design is going to fit in the box!

Technology #8

I have finished my switches I am very happy with how they turned out and this unit was a lot of fun! Now we are working on flashlights! We watched this video about these boys who were stuck in a cave and they needed waterproof flashlights , so we are making flashlight for a situation like that. I am so excited for this unit, because we are sautering which is one of my favorite things to do in technology!

Technology #6

I have started making my switches I am working on one were there is a ball connected to one pipe cleaner which is connected to a popsicle stick which is connected to a piece of cardboard that is covered in tinfoil, because when tinfoil touches tinfoil it makes the switch go off . So how it’s going to happen is that you are going to hit the wrecking ball then it’s going to hit the tin foil which will make the switch go on.

Technology #5

We have started our switch unit we are designing 3 switches and then making a game out out of them I am so excited to start this unit. We have to design some the will make tinfoil hit tinfoil to make the light go on. One of my ideas is to make a recking ball that will hit the tinfoil in make the light go on.

Technology #4

A few weeks ago I finished sautering! Sautering was so much fun to do even though at first I was little shaky, but at the end I was a pro at it! I loved how you got to see the sauter melt it was so cool and then you got to almost pint the sauter on to your piece. Sometimes it was hard to get the sauter on to my design since it would become almost like stretching so you would have to spread it in the gap instead of place it in. When I finished my piece I did not really like how one of the rays in the sun turned out so mr. Calvert melt the dry sauter and fixed it for me. After you finished your sauter then you had to sand it. I have sanded mine and finished mine. I am very happy with how my piec came out and I hope I can sauter again.

Technology #3

The other day in technology I finished making my design out of wire I am so happy, because I get to sauter! I learned a lot on making my design one thing that I learned was that it is very hard to use tools. Making the sunset was one of the hardest parts, because the rays of the sun are so small so it was very hard to cut them.

Technology #3

Today’s in technology Mr. Clavert showed how to make circles using wire he showed us how to cut it, shape it, and what materials to use. Once Mr. Clavert finished showing us how to make the circle, then we could start! First we had to pick a wire  brass or sliver I picked brass, because I thought it looked best with my design ( go to blog post #2 to see my design.) After we picked are wire it was time to start making our wire into a circle, we used a wooden block to shape the wire. After we made are wire into a circle we had to cut it, since I finished early I got to start shaping my design. I am working on making the hill.