Technology #1

The other day in Technology, we had to open a box with 3 locks on it. The game is called breakout. There were 2 teams we spilt the room in half. You had to look for clues on your side of the room to help you unlock the code.There was also another box that had something in it that cold help us with cracking the codes to the locks. There was 1 lock on the box, but both teams shared that box so which ever team open it first got to keep the item that was inside. My team open the box 1st so we got the item that was inside the box the item was a uv light. We went looking all around with the light on are side of the room to find the clue. While that was going on we had found 2 sheets of paper they were both clues to help us open the locks. One of the sheets had a map on it and the other one was a story, fist we used the map to help us open a lock and it worked! We still had the story so we tried reading the story again to see what it could be used for but we still could not figure that out. So we decided to ask Mr. Calvert for a cule and he told us to read again what is wrong in the story, we read it again and we figured another combination out?There was still one lock left and the uv light had not been used yet,we went looking around are side of the room. After looking for a little while we find something! There was a pice of paper up on the white, written in invisible ink that could only be seen with the uv light there was an arrow pointing to to 5 dashes in invisible ink, 5 dashes were indicating that there was a clue on that piece of paper and the clue has five words. We then realized that the lock that we’ve been trying to crack also had five words. So we look closer at that sheet of paper and it had the word first on it and first also has 5 letters, so we put the word first in the lock and it opened! We were done before the other team, so we gave them the uv light so they could figure out the there last lock to.


Capstone #5

I learned so much from my capstone, It was so interesting to learn about animals and how they communicate with each other and in their environment.  My main inquiry question was “how do animals communicate?” I could not really find an answer to the question, because animals communicate in different ways. For example, a female luna moth can attract a partner, by sending a “perfume” through smell signals, but Male lyre birds attract a female partner, by copying other sounds. For example they will copy bird songs or even car alarms. So animals have their own way of communicating about different things. Most animals use Chemical signals, vocal signals, and physical communication.


Overall I have learned so much and I can not wait to present!

Capstone #4

For capstone we had to go to a site visit, for my site visit I went to the Greenberg Nature center. I actually got the Idea from Dr. Randi Haberkorn who I interviewed I am so thankful that she told me about the Greenberg Nature center, I even got to speak with one of there animal experts there. I learned so much like that since snakes don’t have ears when they’re on the ground they can sense vibrations. I also learned that chinchilla’s use vocal signals to communicate and that they even have an attention-seeking call. Another thing I learned was that bees use chemical communication when they sense danger they make a banana sent.

I learned a lot from my site visit and it was so helpful to my capstone project.

Science experiments

Today in class we conducted 3 experiments with colored sugar, oil, water, and vinegar.

The 1st experiment we did was water and colored sugar, the solute was the sugar and the solvent was the water. Our hypothesis was: If we mix the water and colored sugar together the sugar will color the water, then the colored sugar would dissolve faster than in the oil. The first part of my hypothesis was confirmed because the colored sugar colored the water and the sugar lost its color, but the sugar did take a while to dissolve. The sugar all went down the bottom of the cup. The 2nd part of the hypothesis was unknown till the 2nd experiment.

In the 2nd experiment we mixed colored sugar water and oil together, the solute was the sugar and the solvent was the oil. Our hypothesis was: If we mix colored sugar and oil together, then the sugar will not color the oil, because it is thicker than water. The hypothesis was confirmed because the colored sugar did not color the oil. The sugar also did not dissolved in the water maybe because there is not enough water in the oil. In my 1st experiment, the 2nd part to my hypothesis was partially right, because the sugar dissolved in the water but not in the oil.

In my 3rd experiment we mixed vinegar and colored sugar, the solute was the sugar and the solvent was the vinegar. Our hypothesis was: If we mix colored sugar and vinegar together, then the sugar will not dissolve. Our hypothesis was denied because the sugar quickly dissolved into the vinegar a lot faster than the water. When the colored sugar dissolved it colored the water, but the vinegar made the color turn darker. These 3 experiment were really fun to do and I learned that liquids that are almost alike can have different effects on the same thing. I also learned that vinegar can change the color of things.

Capstone #3

For  my capstone project I am required to do an interview, and for my interview I  chose to speak with Dr. Randi Haberkorn who is a veterinarian and has a DVM.

I came up with 13 questions for my interview. The 13 questions that I came up  with were questions that I thought related most to my topic. I got some of my questions from my sub questions because I was having trouble researching a couple of them, so I thought It would be a good idea to do that. I also looked back at my research and looked for some facts that I got, but I did not completely understand them. My interview went great! I learned so much and it was really cool to get information from an expert!

A few things I learned were that some dogs cry in happiness like humans, and that dogs lick humans to get attention.

Capstone #2

For capstone we have to chose and main question my main question is, how do animals communicate? We also had to choose sub questions I chose sub questions that I was curious to learn about and that will be interesting to learn here are my sub questions: Do animals have signals? Do animals “talk” to each other? Do animals know how one is feeling? Do we understand animals the same way they understand each other? Do all animals communicate in the same way or different ways? Do animals communicate in different ways when they are communicate with a different kinds of animals? I am super excited to start researching this question, because they sound super interesting to me!

Capstone #1

We have just started capstone! And I am super excited, for my topic I chose animal communication. Why I chose this is, because I have always wished that I could understand animals. Like what they are saying to each other because I have a dog of my own and when ever I take him on walks or out of the house he sees other dogs, and I want to know does he like them or not what are they “talking” about. Another reason why I chose this topic is because I love animals and one of my favorite animals are dolphins because they are very Intelligent animals, so I am definitely going to be researching about their communication. I am really excited to do more research  on animal communication, because is same like a very interesting thing to learn about.

Passion Project #7

I have finished the video and I am so happy! It looks great and it  is just how I wanted it, I love it so much and it turned out great! ( video below ⬇) I really enjoyed this project It was so much fun to do ,because I got to choose a passion that I have and learn a lot about it and I go to do it! I will definitely be baking more and practicing my cake skills. 

Passion Project #6

I have almost finished all of my editing and my video is coming out great! I am so happy how everything turned out! Editing is very hard though, because you don’t want  edit too much but you still have to edit a lot because you don’t want your video to be 30 mins long, so for me that was really hard especially since I had to but so much in such a small video. Also another really hard thing was frosting the cake, because you have to make everything even and all smoothed. Even though I struggled with those 2 things they were still a lot of fun to do!