Final project

I finally finished! My final project was a slideshow. My slideshow was pretty simple and has awesome facts and photos. I chose this project to share my learning, because I think that a slide show is a great way to show learning. Also I think learning about a living thing is super cool and is easy to lay out and show your learning.

Blog post #5

Some challenges I have faced during this project were finding good photos and some answers to sub questions. I dealt with it by not freaking out that I didn’t have them and trying to stay calm. I was able to overcome them! For my photo I would find a photo I loved and look at the recommendations underneath it and that was very helpful, because it had the style of photos I was looking for. For my subquestion I read through all of my articles again super carefully and slowly .

Blog Post #4: What are you learning about yourself?

As I am working on the project I am learning that when I am reading an article that I have to take notes on I tend to re-read a lot of things.As a learner I notice that I like to read over all the notes and revise them so I can understand them better. As a learner I also noticed that when I am taking notes I read slower so I won’t miss anything. My time management is okay,  I do procrastinate often but when I really need to do work I get right on it.

Blog Post #3: How’s It Going?

I have started researching and note taking! I have stuck to my original plan for note taking.I have been using a google document,colored coordination, bullet points, I also listed all my sub questions so when I find one I cross it out and put the color we’re the article and answer is. I have found that this article is SUPER helpful .I feel very happy with my  strategy of note taking because it makes all my work super easy to see and organize . I have had to change one thing instead of doing a poster board because of the unfortunate pandemic  I am not able to get one. I am doing a google slideshow.

Blog Post #2: Resources and Notetaking

I identify my resources by comparing articles to articles and if one of them had totally different information from the others  I know that it was fake facts. I made sure that my resources were credible by looking at the writing. And on some of them there were comments that people wrote who read the article so I saw those and saw what their feedback was. I think that will be the most helpful, because it says a lot about their body, where they live, and it also has articles about multiple types of boxfish. I am going to try to read/watch a lot more closely to videos, books, articles. And read and watch things multiple times so I don’t miss some important information. I am going to make a chart of facts that I need to know so I can look out for facts, I am also going to make a doc and list all the articles, books, and videos I use and write the facts and notes I find from each article. I came up with these ideas, because I want my notes to be super organized so it will be easy to set up my project.


Blog Post #1: Topic Choice and Proposal

My process in selecting a topic was to think of something that I don’t know much about or something that I really enjoyed doing/seeing or something that was memorable. So I chose to do my topic on the box fish, because when I was in Hawaii and I went snorkeling I was HORRIBLE at it. So I practiced in the swimming pool until I was perfect at it! And when I went snorkeling for the first time I saw the box fish and from that day on it became my favorite animal. Since my favorite animal has such a back story to it I decided to do it also, I don’t know much about it. I ended up settling on that topic because I wanted to know more about the fish because it is such an interesting animal. For example the size and shape of it I find so strange, so I want to learn more about that and other facts too.

My proposal letter:
Dear Mr. D,
For my 2020 passion project, I will be learning about the box fish. I’ve always been interested in the box fish because they are such cute and majestic animals of the sea. I started getting interested in the animal when I went snorkeling in Hawaii and I saw one of them. They’re so cute and little. They are one of my favorite animals. A feature that I think is super interesting about them is that it always looks like they are blowing a kiss, but they are actually just eating! After I went snorkeling I looked at a book all about fish in Hawaii and found the box fish page. There were so many interesting facts about them. They are such interesting and fun animals. After seeing one, I wondered why they’re so little? Why do they have spots and why are they shaped like a box?

I will be learning about them by reading books. I’ll call my aunt because she knows a lot about fish, because she lives in Hawaii a lot of the year.

I will research them on Google and read websites about them. I’m going to make a poster all about boxfish. I’m going to give all the types of species and information about them. I will have pictures and drawings/paintings.

Main inquiry question:
How do box fish survive?

Sub questions:
Where does the box fish live?
What does the box fish eat?
How many kinds of Species are there?
What eats the box fish?
What does the box fish look like?
Does the box fish travel and socialize with other box fish?
How does the box fish travel?

The sources that I will be using



Since I will be interviewing my aunt, I’m also going to ask her to send the page from the book that I read about all the fish in Hawaii . I’ll make sure to get all the information that I need to know about the box fish .
I am very excited to start this project and share it with you!


Technology #11

I am now onto Sautering all the wires together I am really happy, since this is one of favorite things to do at technology! I had to  sauter the wires and the batter so they could all be connected. After I did that I drilled a hole into one of the caps of my flashlight were the light bulb was going to go and another  hole were the switch to turn the flashlight on and off was going togo. Now I am on to coloring my flashlight!

Technology #10

I have planned and measured my hole design for the flashlight now it is time to cut the wires and get the right types of pipes! When I was cutting the wires it was really hard because they are always twisting around and they can break really easily so I had to have an extra hand. I also had a lot of trouble sawing the pipes, because I couldn’t cut it straight, but thankfully I got the pipes or else I would have to re-do the wires and that would be VERY annoying! After I finish this it is on to sauterint!

Technology #9

I have started to plan out what my flashlight is going to look like! My design is going to be a 3 piped flashlight one pipe it going to have a “breathing tube in it” another pipe is going to have “food in it” and then the last one is going to be the flashlight. I hope my design is going to fit in the box!

Technology #8

I have finished my switches I am very happy with how they turned out and this unit was a lot of fun! Now we are working on flashlights! We watched this video about these boys who were stuck in a cave and they needed waterproof flashlights , so we are making flashlight for a situation like that. I am so excited for this unit, because we are sautering which is one of my favorite things to do in technology!