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Welcome to STI# 4950: Finding the Truth When All News is “Fake”: Developing Critical and Media Literacies Across the Grades!This course is about developing critical and media literacy skills and applying the principles of journalism in the classroom. It’s about finding and evaluating information and then reporting out through stories that compel and enlighten. Get the facts. Tell the story. Seems simple enough. But in an era when “facts” have been made pliable and “truth” has become subjective, distinguishing between “fake” and “real” involves developing a special skillset and mindset.

This course attempts to put teachers and students on the path towards developing these skills. We live in a participatory culture. Anyone can publish a tweet, comment, or story that is unverified and biased. But being a digital citizen and in particular an authentic journalist requires a greater sense of responsibility to our communities. Today’s students must be conscientious digital citizens and journalists who can sniff out harmful falsehoods and resist buying or recycling them, while bringing evidence-based information and perspectives to a meaningful global conversation. With the right skills and mindset, today’s students can have this conversation. We hope you enjoy the course!

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