What sources can we use to help us learn about the NY Constitutional Convention? (Curating sources)

Using the process questions of relevancy, accuracy, reliability, bias, and understanding perspectives, please contribute a link to an online resource that would help your group (and all the groups) learn more about the topic.  Please post your link in the Comments section below and if possible, a short description of the site.  Take a moment to review some of the links.

30 thoughts on “What sources can we use to help us learn about the NY Constitutional Convention? (Curating sources)

  1. A New York Times article that provides a comprehensive summary of why and how a constitutional convention may be called this year and some of the proponents and opponents

    A book review of two authors with recently published works pertaining to the NY constitutional convention

    This is an article posted by NYSUT to explain what the constitutional convention is and why teachers should oppose it

    A brief overview of political corruption happening on the state level that could potentially be remedied by changes made at the constitutional convention

    A summary from the teacher’s union of how the constitutional convention could endanger teacher pensions

    An overview of New Yorkers’ support for and knowledge of the constitutional convention

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