What is the NY Constitutional Convention? (an exercise in perspective taking)

I’m starting to see bumper stickers and small signs like the one on the left. Perhaps you have too. And it makes me wonder how many New Yorkers know what this is all about. For many people, a proposed vote on whether to hold a Constitutional Convention has tremendous implications on the way of life for all New Yorkers. But do they know enough about it to cast a thoughtful “Yes” or “No” ballot in November. Will they even bother? Please take several thoughtful moments to lend a hand– to research and educate your fellow New Yorker on what this vote means. What would a Constitutional Convention do? Why do some people look forward to it, while others fear it? In small groups, we’re going to deliberate and decide what would be important for citizens to know, what proposals seem fair or imbalanced, and propose possible solutions.  By the time we’re all done posting comments, perhaps we’ll have a well-rounded picture of what’s at stake with the “Con Con.”

The first step is for your group to discuss what you already know about the Constitutional convention.  Post your responses in the Comment space below.