Rube Goldberg Post 3

In the third meeting which was Friday February 9th. We built the whole contraption to test it. We realized we didn’t have enough steps so we added a new part to the beginning. When we started testing it we realized one part wasn’t align properly. So the first try didn’t work. Then on the second try we had the same issue. Then we fixed it. But we started having problems on the first step. We kept trying and trying but the first step didn’t work. We kept changing the first step but it still didn’t work. We also had some malfunctions so we never actually did a complete run through. But we hope we can get it on the next meeting.

Rube Goldberg Post 2

We had our second meeting was February 4th. We tested each step from the sketch. Some of the steps worked well and some didn’t. The steps that didn’t work so well we changed and modified so they would work. We made some breakthroughs but we also had some fails. We made some changes to the sketch based on the information we got by testing the steps. Like we saw that a track worked better than a tube. And a ping pong ball worked better than a car. There are still many thing we must change to have the best possible machine. But it will take a loner time than we have already had. Like I said before there are still many steps to go. And we hope we can keep going and never give up.

Rube Goldberg Post 1

On February 28 we got the Rube Goldberg project assigned. A Rube Goldberg machine is a overdone or over engineered machine designed to preform a simple task like pushing a button. We put peoples names on an index card we wanted to work with. Then our teacher matched everyone based on what they had on the index card. Then she gave us the assignment and the deadlines, from there it was every group for themselves. We decided to meet on Saturday February 2nd. At the meeting we tested what components/steps we could add to the machine. Then we made a team sketch. An the outline for this blog post. There are many things we still have to do but this is it so far.

Edcamp Reflection

I though the edcamp experience was fun. I would personally do it again. I liked the first edcamp that was about Julie DeGenero’s time a prosecutor. I liked it because i am very interested in the law and how it works. So she told us about some of her cases and the trial’s. She told us about the funniest cases like in cony island on the beach there was petting zoo on the board walk, and someone started to chock the llama. We got to ask question and then she answered them. The second edcamp Was about Lori Weiser and her job as an orthopedic surgeon. She showed us a presentation she made then we got to ask her questions. Then she demonstrated how to put and take of a cast. Overall it was a good experience and I am glad we get to do it again.

Welcome to 5th grade (5R)

My 5th grade year has begun I am looking forward to going to Philadelphia because I heard from past 5th graders that is was a very fun trip. I want to see the liberty bell and ring it if your allowed. And I am also really looking forward to doing the capstone project I think It will be the best part of the year.

By the end of the year I want to be a better and faster reader because right now I am quite slow. But hopefully my teacher can help me get better. I also want to become a better and more sophisticated writer with better vocabulary.

4th Grade Reflection

4th Grade was fun but it is finally over. We did many projects during the time in 4th grade like the other three post under this. Which was the Ecosystem project. The biography project. And the PSA part of the ecosystem project. And last but not least the Iroquois project. We also did some read alouds such as Blood on the river which was about a young boy going to colonial Jamestown. Book scavenger which we just finished and was about two friends figuring out a game that was never launched. And also The tiger rising by Kate Dicamillo which was about a boy and girl and the mystery of a tiger. There were many subjects but I liked social studies and math the most. Because I like history and numbers. My favorite part of the year was the toy theater which we recently did.

The curiosity was my favorite project and. I would like to do the curiosity project again we did it at the beginning of the year.It was basically a passion project but just named different. It is my favorite because we got to choose a topic you were interested in and wanted to know a little more about. My favorite read aloud was a book of the month book called animals by the numbers. Because I really like to read non fiction. 4th grade was a very fun year but sadly ending.

Desert PSA reflection

The first step was we did research on on the human impact on the deserts. Then was we had to make a script of the words or text that would appear. Then we made our story board. The story board had to be at least 10 or 11 panels long. The panel were the photos or the videos that you see. The video could only be 60 seconds long. Then we had to do our first draft of the video itself. Then we had to figure out which picture we wanted to keep and the ones that had to be replaced. We used the website creative commons for the better photos. Then we added transitions and audio recording. Then we had some peers look at it the we hit the finish button and put the video on drive. I though the project was over all pretty easy.


Here is the video hope you enjoy:

Winston Churchill



Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on November 30, 1874 at Blenheim palace. More commonly known as Winston Churchill. And grew up in Victorian England. Due to his dad being Lord Randolph the third son of the first Duke of Marlborough he had a pretty easy childhood health and condition wise. Apart from the time he became very sick ate the age of nine.During school he struggled with behavior so he got spanked. and went to several schools. His parents decided to send him to a boarding school but after a while he was moved to the military class. Where he would start his military and journalism career.


Adult life


After his military career he would go on and follow in his dads footsteps buy joining politics. He would get kicked off of Parliament. Then Winston married a woman named Clementine Hozier. After that Winston rejoined the army and served for a few more years. Then Winston got back into Parliament. He lived through WWI. And became the prime minister before WWII.Winston died in 1965.




Winston had to face many obstacles like getting kicked off of parliament. And becoming ill at nine. Also during his military career the dutch put a bounty on him for escaping captivity. That escape lead to a little bit of fame in Britain.




Winston’s impact on Britain was huge like helping through some of the toughest times in history such as WWII.  He helped Britain by giving the hope and putting them in the right hands. Due to this the leaders of Russia and America Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill himself got the nickname the big three. And he was the first to be by France is side when fighting.

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