Isaac Newton Infographic

For a class assignment, our class had to make an infographic on Isaac Newton. First, we had to research him. Then our computer teacher gave us some templates to use for the infographic. Then he told us how to make the infographic with google drawings. Then our teacher told us what we had to have in the infographic. Which was, each law of motion and how the laws of motion have to to with our rocketry project. That was it we had about a week to do it but it was a pretty short project.

This is the infographic:

Heathcote 5th graders go to philly

On November 9th 2018 Heathcote 5th graders go to Philadelphia. They woke up at 5 am to get to school because to bus left at 6 am. They were cold waiting outside. When they got on the bus the quickly sat down and started chatting with there friends. They where on the bus for about 2 and a half hours. When they to Philadelphia the went to the bathroom and went straight to the Constitution Center.

They visited a bunch of exhibits and then had lunch in the cafeteria. After lunch they all lined up, actually more like a big clump. Then they took a tour of independence hall and look at the liberty bell. Then only a few choose to go see Ben Franklin’s grave. Then they all went back to the bus and went to the school where they got picked up by there parents.

Rube Goldberg post 6

Our 6th meeting was on February 28th. We had a cool idea to make tiny buildings made out of jenga looking pieces to make it look like our machine ran through a city. It took us about 10 minutes to build the whole cityscape. Then we said we should test it until we get the final run. We recorded every try form then and also got one of our members moms to record a different angle of the final run when it happened. And we also took before and after photos of the cup at the end to show that the cabbage juice color changed. When we got the clips and photos after the final run we uploaded all the clips we needed. Then my job was to make the video over the weekend. Yeah (sarcastically)

This the video:

Rube Goldberg post 5

Our 5th meting was on February 26th we kept testing the new marble step. And we had some troubles with it. But we kept testing it and testing it but we decided it was to unpredictable so we took it out. I guess I got my way. Also one of our group members showed us a really cool trick you could do with some baking soda lemon juice and purple cabbage juice. It is called and acid base reaction, when you mix the lemon juice with the cabbage juice the juice turns pink. But if you add the baking soda instead of the lemon juice the cabbage juice turns blue. We decided to make that our new final product. But baking soda in the cabbage juice. We chose the baking soda over the lemon juice because it is easier to contain because it is not a liquid. We also tested using a nerf gun to make the ping pong ball go ate the beginning. But the gun we used was to powerful so we used a softer gun but it was to soft so we decided to scrap the idea. In the next meting we hope to film the final run.

Rube Goldberg post 4

We had our 4th meeting on February 13th. We wanted to add another step because we thought we didn’t have enough. We decided to add a marble track right before the reverse ramp step. The reverse ramp is a step where a track is balancing on a domino but one side is heavier. But we add a domino at the end of the lighter side of the ramp so that side becomes heavier. Then when the ball hits the domino the domino falls of the ramp. Because the domino is not there anymore the other side is heavier and it tilts the other way. But because we added a marble track at the end of it we would have to have so way of triggering the ping pong ball to go onto the reverse ramp. So at the end of the track we added a ramp that was holding itself from the marble track. But we added a little ridge on the ramp to keep the ping pong ball from going. So what was supposed to happen was that the marble hits the ping pong ball on to the track, but the ramp was the close the the exit that the marble could not come out. But the vibration from the marble hitting the ramp ended up moving the ping pong ball anyway. By the end of the meting I wasn’t very satisfied about the new step but I decided to role with it anyway.

Rube Goldberg Post 3

In the third meeting which was Friday February 9th. We built the whole contraption to test it. We realized we didn’t have enough steps so we added a new part to the beginning. When we started testing it we realized one part wasn’t align properly. So the first try didn’t work. Then on the second try we had the same issue. Then we fixed it. But we started having problems on the first step because it wasn’t going in the right direction. We kept trying and trying but the first step didn’t work. We kept changing the first step but it still didn’t work. We also had some malfunctions so we never actually did a complete run through. But we hope we can get it on the next meeting.

Rube Goldberg Post 2

We had our second meeting was February 4th. We tested each step from the sketch. Some of the steps worked well and some didn’t. The steps that didn’t work so well we changed and modified so they would work. One thing that didn’t work was a system the pulled a domino out from in front of a car, it didn’t work because the domino didn’t stay on so we taped it, But the tape was to strong so we made the wait t pull it off heavier. We made some breakthroughs but we also had some fails. We made some changes to the sketch based on the information we got by testing the steps. Like we saw that a track worked better than a tube( Because we didn’t have a tube ). And a ping pong ball worked better than a car because the car would have to hit a ping pong ball and because of the next step it was unpredictable so we used a ping pong ball. There are still many thing we must change to have the best possible machine. But it will take a loner time than we have already had. Like I said before there are still many steps to go. And we hope we can keep going and never give up.

Rube Goldberg Post 1

On February 28 we got the Rube Goldberg project assigned. A Rube Goldberg machine is a overdone or over engineered machine designed to preform a simple task like pushing a button. We put peoples names on an index card we wanted to work with. Then our teacher matched everyone based on what they had on the index card. Then she gave us the assignment and the deadlines, from there it was every group for themselves. We decided to meet on Saturday February 2nd. At the meeting we tested what components/steps we could add to the machine, we got a lot of the ideas from the internet. Then we made a team sketch, we had to talk and agree on what we wanted to put in the sketch. We mostly didn’t argue on anything. We also made the outline for this blog post. There are many things we still have to do but this is it so far.

Feature Article Podcast Reflection

The feature article podcast was very interesting. It was one of the better projects so far. We had to practice with  the same partner we worked with for the feature article then we had to record by ourselves. It took longer than I thought because there were many distractions, such as a lot of noise. But, eventually, everyone got it done. We had to export it to drive from Garageband. Then our computer teacher put it on the Heathcote website and then we wrote this post and published it.

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