Tech week #4

This week we used a software called fabemaker studio to make a 3D paper thing. I decided to make a cube. I could have made a fort or a car or a butterfly but I chose a cube because I like how simple it is. And it required minimal materials and that is good because I didn’t have many materials. I taped all the sides with scotch tape and it was pretty strong. It surprised me how good of a fidget toy it was. All in all I had a really fun time making this cube and I am very excited about next week.

Fantasy Reading Unit

One thing I find hard about writing the paragraphs is it takes me a bit to come up with a theme or topic or whatever it is that I am going to write about. One thing I find easy is when I start going with the paragraph I find the rest super easy. And when I finally finish writing It feels really good to get it done.

Tech Week #3

This week we had a project where we had to test a shape and another shape but it was reinforced with trusses. I thought it was super interesting and fun. In my experiment the normal shape just crumbled under the wight of 1 big book but the reinforced shape was able to withstand the same book plus for huge text books. It really surprised me because the were made of just paper and tape. I am really looking forward to next week if it is going to go like this.

Fantasy Reading Unit

We are about a week and a half not the fantasy reading unit. Basically it is a span of five weeks were we are only reading fantasy books. I decided to read the rest of the Heroes Of Olympus series. From book 3 to 5. I have finished book three in the series and I am about halfway through the my second book. I plan on finishing it by Saturday this week. I don’t remember exactly were I left of but I think I am around chapter 26. After we finish each of our books we have to write an analytical paragraph. It is basically just a mini essay. We also have a grade read aloud called Maximilian fly. I think it is a pretty good book. And I have come up with a lot of theories. So until next post, bye.

Week #2 of Tech

This week we got assigned the first project we had to create and I beam and a regular beam to see which one was better at keeping things from falling or in other words which one is stronger. We had to share our test if the two beams in a FlipGrid post. I am looking forward to what we are going to do next week.

Week #1 of Tech

This week was the first week of the quarterly tech. We did a little of work on adhesives. And today we talked about different metals braking at different points and them being brittle or ductility. We also talked about why some projects broke or failed like the titanic. This week we didn’t do much just because it was the first week but we are probably going to do more next week.


Some of the pros of working from home are I can choose when I want to work on my project and be independent. And I don’t always have to ask for permission and I love taking brakes so. In class, you can’t do that but here you can. Some of the cons are that I procrastinate a lot. But I always end up finishing but it still doesn’t feel good to know you have to do a bunch of work in one day. I learned that I am not too good at explaining complex thing and my dad has to help me with that. I really enjoyed doing this project because I got to learn a lot about a topic I didn’t know about and that I learned some important stargates to working on a long term project

Final project

For my final project, I choose to make a slide presentation. I choose this because I fell that I have a lot of experience working with slides. In my slide show, I started with an introduction then talked about the advancement and the most dominant teams of each decade going from 1950 all the way up to the concepts and new cars of 2021. I learned that F1 cars have come an incredibly long way to what they are now. And that a lot of the things first advanced in F1 have been later translated to normal family SUVs and other everyday cars. I really liked this project because it forced me to learn about my favorite motorsport.


I have had some struggles mainly with having enough information to fill out a decade on my slide show. But I have managed to sort it out be just milking one part of the slide or adding something extra like saying that a team won a constructors championship # amount of times.

What I learned about Me

Well, I have found out I don’t like writing that much but for some weird reason, I do it anyway. My time management is fine in my opinion I always research when I am done with everything. I think when taking notes it is easier for me to be reading verses video I just find it harder to keep up with everything they are saying.

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