Capstone post 7

So its finally over, Capstone is over. Took a long time but I am happy with my effort. I really like the finally projected and how the video played out. I was a little embarrassed by one of the parts. My favorite part was definitely the breakfast after we were done. I really don’t have that much to say other than enjoy the movie.


Capstone Post 5

I have finally answered my main inquiry question! If you don’t already my main inquiry question is how are computers built. Answering this question among with my sub questions was a difficult task, that took a long time to complete. There were many steps to this like watching videos reading articles and interviewing experts. But it all came done to the same question to answer. But I guess that is it, there is not that many things to talk about

Capstone Post 4

On Thursday the 30th of May I had my Interview, well kind of. My dad had a friend that bought parts from the USA and then built the computers and then sold the computers. So then I wrote a bunch of questions for him. But I kept forgetting my notebook over and over again. And after I finally remembered to bring my notebook I forgot to show my dad. And then on Sunday I remember to show him the questions. But his friend lives in Argentina so my dad had to email him and it took a couple days for the questions to get back so that is why I had an interview but not really. Well I shall make another blog post when something big again happens in capstone.

Messy Science Sugar Experiment

Today we had a thing called MESSY SCIENCE. It is exactly what it sounds like. First, we had a little discussion about what we were going to do and talk about Hypotheses. What we were going to do was mix sugar with different liquids and make a hypothesis of what we thought was going to happen. The liquids we were mixing with sugar was Water, Oil, and Vinegar. After our talk, we went to our tables and started the experiments. First, we got the sugar, we had to get 4 tsp of sugar. Then we added food coloring to the sugar, we chose our sugar to be red, the food coloring made the sugar all sticky so it turned into a ball of sugar. Then after I mixed all the coloring into the sugar it stopped being sticky. We chose to mix the sugar and the oil first. Our hypothesis on this was that the sugar was going to go to the top and the oil was going to turn dark because of the coloring. But instead, it did the exacted opposite of what we guessed would happen. All the sugar went to the bottom and the oil didn’t even turn the slightest bit of red. Then we decided to mix Sugar and vinegar (Which smelled terrible). We made the exact same prediction for the vinegar than we did for the oil. And guess what happened, it turned out exactly how we predicted. Then was sugar and water. We made the prediction the sugar would just float around but the color would turn completely red. And what happened was 50% of our guess the water turned red but the sugar didn’t float around. I say we did pretty good on our guesses but that is all that happened today at MESSY SCIENCE.

Capstone Post 3

On Tuesday the 29th of may, I went on my capstone site visit yay. For my sight visit I went to a computer repair shop in the Scarsdale village. I drove there with my dad, It took some time to find a parking space. When we got in the first thing I noticed was that there was a computer right next to the door. I looked at it a little and then my dad and I went up to an employee and asked him a couple questions about computer building. I asked him four questions. He answered all of them very well. At the end of my mini interview I went to look around at all the cool computers they had in the store/repair shop. After all that we left the store and went home. I had a pretty good experience in the store. Well that was my site visit, capstone is log from over but I think it will be a good capstone experience.

Capstone Post 2

Two weeks ago I choose my topic for capstone. Last week I choose my Main inquiry question, now I am choosing my sub questions. It didn’t take me long to get a couple of sub questions. But then our teacher told us that we had to have at least one resource for each of the sub questions so I had to delete some of them and right new ones. And that we had to have more than five. I had like eight but I deleted them because I didn’t  have any resources. I thought that picking these sub questions would be a lot easier than it actually was. This post was shorter than the rest but that’s it so far for capstone.

Capstone Post 1

The time has come, we are finally starting capstone, the project everyone looks forward to. We started about a week ago and so far we have only gotten to pick a topic. The first thing we did was do this inquiry sheet which helped narrow down our ideas for a topic. A lot of people including me already had an idea of what we wanted to do before the project started. I wanted to do computers. Then a couple of days later everyone told our teacher the main topic they were going to do and a backup topic, my back was Alexander the Great. Then we had to do a thing called a curriculum wheel were there are different subjects on the wheel and you had to write at least one question based on each of the subjects. Some of the subjects where Science, Math, Geography, Art, Music, Economics, Culture and daily life. You might think how can I write a question about art when my topic is computers? Ya I don’t know either but I did. I really hope there is enough info for computers because I really like the topic. Continue reading

Isaac Newton Infographic

For a class assignment, our class had to make an infographic on Isaac Newton. First, we had to research him. Then our computer teacher gave us some templates to use for the infographic. Then he told us how to make the infographic with google drawings. Then our teacher told us what we had to have in the infographic. Which was, each law of motion and how the laws of motion have to to with our rocketry project. That was it we had about a week to do it but it was a pretty short project.

This is the infographic:

Heathcote 5th graders go to philly

On November 9th 2018 Heathcote 5th graders go to Philadelphia. They woke up at 5 am to get to school because to bus left at 6 am. They were cold waiting outside. When they got on the bus the quickly sat down and started chatting with there friends. They where on the bus for about 2 and a half hours. When they to Philadelphia the went to the bathroom and went straight to the Constitution Center.

They visited a bunch of exhibits and then had lunch in the cafeteria. After lunch they all lined up, actually more like a big clump. Then they took a tour of independence hall and look at the liberty bell. Then only a few choose to go see Ben Franklin’s grave. Then they all went back to the bus and went to the school where they got picked up by there parents.

Rube Goldberg post 6

Our 6th meeting was on February 28th. We had a cool idea to make tiny buildings made out of jenga looking pieces to make it look like our machine ran through a city. It took us about 10 minutes to build the whole cityscape. Then we said we should test it until we get the final run. We recorded every try form then and also got one of our members moms to record a different angle of the final run when it happened. And we also took before and after photos of the cup at the end to show that the cabbage juice color changed. When we got the clips and photos after the final run we uploaded all the clips we needed. Then my job was to make the video over the weekend. Yeah (sarcastically)

This the video:

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