Tech week #9

Last week of tech class. We didn’t do a project or anything at all. Mainly because it is the last week. In my opinion tech is by far the best quarterly I’ve had all year. And probably my favorite class. Form 6th grade and elementary. There have only been two years of school that I was a little sad that ended. My 3rd grade year and 6th grade. Probably because the teachers were super kind and I liked all of them. And if Mr.Clavert is reading this then you have taken the cake for the best teacher I have ever had. Thank you for a great quarter.

Tech week #8

This week we didn’t have a project. I prefer projects but what we did was interesting to. We had to what a documentary on metals and then answer questions based on the documentary. The were only three question though. But I thought the documentary was cool. I liked learning about steel and cooper and bronze. But there really isn’t much to say so that what I did this week.

Tech Week #7

This week we started to learn about atoms and what they are made up of. We learned that there are protons neutrons and point particles called electrons. And we also talked about lighting. Which is kind of what our project was about. For the project we had to cover a transparent cup with cardboard on the top and stick a paper clip with aluminum foil on the end into the cup. What we had to with this creation was grab a balloon and rub it against or hair. This created a static charge when I brought the balloon close to the paper clip the aluminum foil separated. I though it was pretty cool how it separated.

Tech Week #6

This week we didn’t have any project’s because Mr.Calvert wanted this week to be a catch up on blog post. So that is what I did I did two blogs posters and caught up a little Bit but I am still a little behind.bu this was by far the worst week because we didn’t do a project but we did study gears. But I don’t have much to stay because we had no project.

Photo essay post 1

For my photo essay I am planning on making a slide presentation with one picture on each slide. It is going to go from the time I wake to when I go to bed. Though each day is a little different what I do each day is pretty similar. Like one thing that doesn’t change is I wake up around 7:50. Haha. Just kidding you know I wake up everyday. Or do I? Haha. Just kidding again. Well I don’t really know if it is going to turn out that great but I think it will be cool to look at the end.

Tech Week #5

This week was probably the most fun week yet. And that is saying something. We studied levers this week, so for the project we got to make something with a lever. You could make either a shaduth which is basically a crane with a weight on one end and a bucket on the other. Or we could make a siege engine. For the obvious choice was siege engine most people made catapults but I decided to make a scorpion ballista. It is brassily a giant crossbow. Well mine was smaller than a crossbow but the real is bigger. So I learned a lot about levers this and I really look forward to next week.

Tech week #4

This week we used a software called fabemaker studio to make a 3D paper thing. I decided to make a cube. I could have made a fort or a car or a butterfly but I chose a cube because I like how simple it is. And it required minimal materials and that is good because I didn’t have many materials. I taped all the sides with scotch tape and it was pretty strong. It surprised me how good of a fidget toy it was. All in all I had a really fun time making this cube and I am very excited about next week.

Fantasy Reading Unit

One thing I find hard about writing the paragraphs is it takes me a bit to come up with a theme or topic or whatever it is that I am going to write about. One thing I find easy is when I start going with the paragraph I find the rest super easy. And when I finally finish writing It feels really good to get it done.

Tech Week #3

This week we had a project where we had to test a shape and another shape but it was reinforced with trusses. I thought it was super interesting and fun. In my experiment the normal shape just crumbled under the wight of 1 big book but the reinforced shape was able to withstand the same book plus for huge text books. It really surprised me because the were made of just paper and tape. I am really looking forward to next week if it is going to go like this.

Fantasy Reading Unit

We are about a week and a half not the fantasy reading unit. Basically it is a span of five weeks were we are only reading fantasy books. I decided to read the rest of the Heroes Of Olympus series. From book 3 to 5. I have finished book three in the series and I am about halfway through the my second book. I plan on finishing it by Saturday this week. I don’t remember exactly were I left of but I think I am around chapter 26. After we finish each of our books we have to write an analytical paragraph. It is basically just a mini essay. We also have a grade read aloud called Maximilian fly. I think it is a pretty good book. And I have come up with a lot of theories. So until next post, bye.

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