Capstone Reflection

For my capstone I did Wormholes. In my capstone presentation was so fun and once I finished the first presentation it felt so relieving. I thought that it wasn’t that hard to do, so… the next few presentations were easy. When I presented to a live audience I learned that if you present to littler kids it’s much harder to keep their attention. And sometimes the older kids got distracted because science isn’t something many kids would choose to listen to. One challenge I had to overcome was entertaining kids enough that they stayed for the whole presentation. It was really hard because the little kids would always want to go to a presentation with a lot or cool artifacts.

This is my presentation


Did you know that video games started in 1970?! Have you thought of playing video games as a class in school? I would like that. All schools should have video game classes. Schools should have video game classes because you can be creative and make your own video games on the computer. Also, video games are really fun. Everyone would agree that a video game class would be much better than recess.


         Schools should have video game classes because you can create video games on computer games. For example, Scratch is a computer game that allows you to code. I know what you’re thinking that does not sound like making video games. But you can actually do it! Once I was in a Scratch club for two weeks. It was really fun and I made video games on it!


     Have you ever played a videogame that was boring? There is no such thing! Schools should also have video game classes because video games are really fun! When I go to my cousin’s house we always play video games. We have a great time.


        Lastly, schools should have video game classes because a video game class is better than recess. I think that a video game class is better than recess because you get to kick back, relax, and play video games all in one! Once my friend had a video game birthday party! At the birthday party, there were recliners and tons of video game consoles. I started playing and everyone was having a good time. There should be more video game parties in the world.


       In conclusion, schools should have video game classes because you can create video games on computer games, video games are really fun, and a video game class is much better than recess. It would be really really fun!

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When I was in a film

One day I went into the city to be in a film that was written by my Aunt Tati.


I was “Little Sam”. My mom drove me into the city. It took a really long time to get there but we finally made it. We saw lots of big buildings. I heard cars honking and people talking. The film was in a brick building that had ancient Greek columns.


I was feeling nervous because it was a big deal. We got off the elevator and walked down a hallway and saw something that looked like a spider but it was wires. The room for the film was white and looked like an apartment. It was really hot inside the room.


“Big Sam” did his line and then they dressed me in “Big Sam’s” outfit and I did my line.


My line was “we went upstate for the weekend, great B&B in the Hudson Valley.” The director asked me to pretend to wipe my nose at the end of my line. I said “well…okay, if you say so.”


After that, we started to go home. I asked my mom if we could get some food and she said she didn’t know if there were any food trucks around at 10:30 in the morning. I said, “I’m confident.” We went looking and we eventually found one, but it only had hot dogs, hamburgers and Indian food. We had to go to the smallest bakery in the world. It was literally about 2 square yards. I got a chocolate chocolate chip cookie and my mom got a smoothie. After that we went home.


I was a little nervous about being in the film, but I managed to get over it and it was really fun.

At My Friends House

On Saturday, April 1st, I went over to Oliver’s house. I went to Oliver’s house because we had to work on a science project. The science project we were working on was making a battery for an iphone from potatoes. First, we watched Oren play Roblox on the computer (Oren is Oliver’s little brother). After that, we looked at Oliver’s legos and he told me what they were about. Next we went upstairs and asked for lunch and then went to the third floor. We turned on the TV and we watched Cartoon Network. We went to the basement to start cracking a plaster egg that had plastic dinosaur bones inside it. We took a break from breaking the egg and went upstairs for lunch. After that, we watched Oren play Roblox again. We went back downstairs to the basement and were breaking the egg again. Once the egg was broken we went back upstairs and watched a video about our science project. After the video, we realized we couldn’t do it…because it would take 120 pounds of potatoes!

Then we had to go back downstairs to clean up the mess we made from the egg. There was powder from the egg all over the place. We cleaned it up with a broom and a brush. Then it was time to go home and go swimming.

3 Word Challenge

Today we are going to have a 3 word challenge. You have think of a word that has 3 different meanings. I’m going to give you an example, then you try to find one on your own!

1. Stand

Stand up

Stand like a picture.

Stand of trees.

2. Crash

Car crash

Crash of thunder

Crash of rhinos

3. Pod

Pea pod

Pod of whales

Escape pod

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I do not think Sweetheart candies should be the official Valentine’s Day candy. I think this because I think they are sour. Another reason is that sometimes other people give out chocolate boxes or skittles. I know that Sweethearts are famous when Valentine’s Day comes but I think that if Sweethearts become the official candy for Valentine’s Day, when classes celebrate Valentine’s Day a lot of people will bring in Sweethearts. If that happens, Sweethearts will be the only candy people bring. If this happens, children wouldn’t have many types of candy. What do you think readers?




Books I Recommend!

  1.  Dairy of a Wimpy Kid Series
  2.  Mr. Lemmenchello’s Library   ( long but fun!)
  3. The 50 States
  4. Magic Tree House Series
  5. The Tree House Series
  6. Smart About The President’s
  7. Frankie Pickle Series
  8. Geronimo Stilton Series
  9. Night of the Living Worms
  10. Horrid Henry Series
  11. Flat Stanley Series

Icebox cake

Recipe: Icebox cake 

Ingredients:   1 pint heavy cream

                     1 cup sugar

                     1 teaspoon vanilla

                     A box famous wafer cookies

Directions: Combine cream, sugar, and vanilla in a mixer. On a big plate, take one cookie, put whipped cream in center and top with other cookie. Keep stacking cookies on top of each other until you can lay them on their side, continue adding cookies until they are all gone. Use the rest of the cream to cover the outside of the cookie cake. Cover the cake gently with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for four to six hours.