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I'm Back
                                                                                          Hi my name is still Lilly and I am 9 years old. I go to Quaker Ridge school. I like to dance so I will blog about that, I also like to sing,do gymnastics (More)
4Ra- Passion Projects
4Ra, As you begin to embark on your Passion Project unit you will be thinking about different ways to present. Here are some PSAs made by 4Ra during the 2016-2017 school year: More)
My Weekend
My weekend was really fun! I went to a basketball game I didn't really want to go but at the end of the game my dad had arranged us to go on the court when every one was gone and take a photo shot for my brothers bar mitzvah. It was fun I was in a lo (More)
Rocking Weekend!!!
It was our last home game at soccer. We were going to have a big party! When we got in side there was games everywhere, loud music was playing, there was delicious  food.  I quickly joined a fuse ball game. I loved defense in a fuse ball game but I d (More)
Hello World
Hello world, this is Ryan ( who never had a blog before). I live in New York and I am a fan of Dallas Cowboy. Remember to give me a comment if you saw any mistake. I love coding on scratch, but unfortunately their are problem with scratch on my compu (More)
I'M BACK!!!!!!!
Hello again. Two years ago I blogged and it's been a long time. Now I am starting again. Now I am going to write more posts. Now let me tell you about me. My name is Jonathan. I am in fourth grade. I have one older brother. Hockey is my favourite spo (More)
I Am Back
I am excited to be back on my blog. I have changed a lot! I am now competing in gymnastics. I am really excited about that! I am in fourth grade now!! I see all my posts from second grade. They are good, but I have changed and I am coming back strong (More)
Hello World!!!
Hello world I am Carys, and I am starting a new blog. I like pizza and Bobby Joe is my favorite imaginary author. I am a fan of the Cavaliers and I like stuff. I like my friends and my family. I love dogs, puppies, dogs, puppies, and anything about d (More)
Adding Google Files to your Blog
Students of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades... Now that you have blogs you can add not only new and original writng, but you can also add Google Drive files to your blog as well. The best part about adding a Google file is that you can add the file t (More)
The only 2 things on the internet
I have long told my students "there are only 2 things on the internet." Two. Nothing more, nothing less. I use this, especially with elementary school students, as a way to explain, simply, the tenets of safe web use. The only two things (More)
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