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Responsible Use Policy – All Students Grades K-5
Students and Parents, The Responsible Use Policy is the document that outlines, for all Scarsdale Schools users (students, teachers and staff alike) appropriate use guidelines for using district devices, accounts, and services. Every year I do (More)
CapCon! 2021 - a primer
5th graders, This post has a breakdown of everything you'll need to get started with your Capstone project. This is the (More)
5th Grade - Immigration WeVideo - Important Notes
5th graders, A couple of important reminders A project like this is about layering elements to create a more meaningful, textured, story. Text, images, voice over, and music, all work together to create a more engaging final product than you (More)
5th Grade - Immigration WeVideo - Script
5th graders, As we talked about today, your WeVideo project on Immigration does not start with WeVideo, it starts with a Google Doc. What you need to do: In your Social Studies folder, make a new folder called Immigration Make sure yo (More)
5th Grade - Constitution Project Requirements
5th graders, We have practices how to make an Infographic, More)
5th Grade - Constitution Projects - Finishing and Sharing
5th graders, Now that you are done, you need to finish and share. Here's how to do it, based on each format...   Finishing a WeVideo video https://youtu.be/eMax6qCOKXM Finishing a Screencastify video https://youtu.be/RIN8kXZ5fj (More)
5th Grade - Constitution Projects - Adding to Your Blog
5th graders, Now that you are done with your Constitution Projects, it is time to add them to your blogs. If you made a video and added it to the shared folder, I will put it on YouTube. If you did an infographic you can add that as an image fi (More)
5th Grade Ignites - Part 2 - 2020 Edition
5th graders, In the last blog post you were working on creating a script for your Ignite. This post deals with creating the slides. Keep in mind, Ignite Talks are not a special software. Ignite Talks are a style of presenting information. In (More)
5th Grade Infographics - 2020 Edition
5th graders, As we discussed during our live Zoom, infographics are ways of conveying information visually. Literally, information graphics. A few key points to remember as you create your infographics... Infographics contain... quality (More)
5th Grade - WeVideo - 2020 Edition
When creating a movie, video, PSA, or any visual project using a non-linear editor like WeVideo you need to keep a few standard rules in mind:   Start with 2 seconds of black End with 2 seconds of black Images should be between 4-6 (More)
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