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CapCon! 2017 - a capstone learning conference
Every year the 5th graders of Scarsdale participate in Capstone. Capstone is the last two months of school, post-standardized testing. Students choose a topic, research it, and create a final product. It is designed to be a self-directed, passion/int (More)
Interview and Site Visit
Today I had my interview. First we had to come up with 10 questions. My ten questions are Ā What got you interested in photographing landscapes? Besides landscapes, is there any other type of photos that you like to take? What was differ (More)
To Ellis Island
Today the fifth grade went to Ellis Island and it was the best thing ever! Ellis Island is The Origin of the Island. From 1892 to 1954, over twelve million immigrants entered the United States through the portal of Ellis Island, a small island in New (More)
Capstone #2- Choosing Main Inquiry and Sub Questions
Choosing my Main inquiry question was difficult because Ā I had like 20. Then the next day we had computer and my teacher and the computer teacher were talking about our talking about out topics and when they got on me the computer teacher said that o (More)
#1 Capstone, Choosing a Topic
In class, we are doing a capstone project. My top choices were first: Fortnite, and natural disasters. My teacher helped me narrow down natural disasters, to my final topic, sandstorms. So far, I've been thinking of creating a tank to represent a (More)
Adding Google Files to your Blog
Students of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades... Now that you have blogs you can add not only new and original writng, but you can also add Google Drive files to your blog as well. The best part about adding a Google file is that you can add the file t (More)
Standalone Presentations - 5th grade
One option for Capstone is to do a "stand-alone" presentation. By "stand-alone" we mean using a tool such as Google Slides to convey your information, without presenting it in person. "Stand-alone" means the presentation has to teach the viewer about (More)
Internet Research - a 5th Grade homework assignment
5th graders, When using the internet to research information I think it is important to keep Abraham Lincoln in mind.... More)
The only 2 things on the internet
I have long told my students "there are only 2 things on the internet." Two. Nothing more, nothing less. I use this, especially with elementary school students, as a way to explain, simply, the tenets of safe web use. The only two things (More)
Stay Cool at CoolMess!
Have you ever made ice cream? Well I did! CoolMess in New York City is a very upbeat environment with colorful signage that you just have to take Ā a picture with, and the best part about it is... you make your own ice cream! You can create your own " (More)
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