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Bud Not Buddy Book Club 12
I noticed that Bud was treated unfairly by the Amos. I noticed this because they put Bud in a shed to sleep. I feel bad for Bud because he is being treated unfairly by the Amos. I wonder if Bud will find his father. I predict later in the story Todd (More)
Bud Not Buddy Book Club 11
In this chapter Bud gets sent to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Amos and there son Todd. I noticed Bud is a very good liar. I know this because in the text it says¨ It seemed like Todd knew Number 3 of Bud Caldwell's Rules and Things for Having a Funner Li (More)
Hoot Book Club 10
I am very surprised that Mullet Fingers real name is Napoleon Bridger Leep. I think Roy is actually making up stuff so he could get away from the reporter. I know this because the text says" Look, I just went to stand up for the owls. That's all." Th (More)
Hoot Book Club 9
I think Curly dosen't care about the owls. I know this because the text says" Want my advice? Don't think about. Put it out of your mind. That's what I do." I noticed that Curly is mad at Officer Delinko  at wanting to save the owls. I wonder if any (More)
Hoot Book Club 8
I notice that all the officers think the real vandal was Dana when it was actually Mullet Fingers. I think they thought it was Dana because Mullet Fingers framed her. I wonder who the person in Juvenile Detention was. I think Roy is smart because he (More)
Hoot Book Club 7
When Garret blames Roy for not caring about the owls I can connect by me getting blamed for things to. I notice someone stole the gun because the text says"During the nights commotion, he had somehow lost track of the .38 revolver." I think Mullet Fi (More)
Hoot Book Club 6
I can connect by Roy wishing to be a bull rider because I want to be things to when I grow up. I noticed Roy has a love for animals when the text says" Yet he couldn't stop thinking ahead  to the day, when the owl dens would be destroyed by bulldozer (More)
Hoot Book Club 5
I think Roy will get out of his depression and give Mullet Fingers the new shoes. I also feel bad for him. I think Roy is very observant of his surroundings. I notice that when Beatrice stops Roy and Dana Matherson's fight Beatrice stops the fight be (More)
Literary Essay Because of Mr.Terrupt
Because of Mr.Terupt by Rob Buyea Anyone Can Bring you together By Luke Polatsch Rob Buyea has written an amazing book called Because of Mr.Terupt. In this book seven kids get their life changed by an extraordinary teacher. His name is Mr. Terr (More)
Hoot Book Club 4
In this chapter we see lots of bad things happening. Some of these include Roy gets found by the police. I wonder if Roy will give Mullet Fingers the shoes and if they will fit. I predict Roy will find Mullet Fingers and have a crazy encounter with h (More)
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