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Bye bye plastic bags
I liked the book One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul, because I thought it was interesting that someone made a bag out of plastic. I also liked it because, some people thought Isatou was making a random thing then it turned out it was a cool bag. The boo (More)
What Do You Do With An Idea
Trisha's Journey
Trishaā€™s Journey In the beginning of the book Thank you Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco Trisha participates in a family tradition, where her grandpa puts honey on a book and asks Trisha to taste it and she said it is sweet and so is knowledge then (More)
Happy Like Soccer by Maribeth Boelts
The title of the story fits the book very much because in the beginning of the story it has these few words in capital letters: NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPY LIKE SOCCER. Happy Like Soccer is the title of the book and also one of the first words in (More)
Happy like soccer
This title fits this book because Nothing makesĀ Sierra happier than SOCCER. AllĀ Sierra wants is for her aunt to come to her games.Ā ButĀ Sierra's aunt can't go to her game because her shift is duringĀ her games. The one time her aunt can go to her game (More)

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