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Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick **Spoiler Alert**
*Spoiler Alert* Do not read if you have not finished this book. Yesterday my class finished the book Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Pilbrick. This book was not read by me, it was read by my 5TH grade teacher.This is about A very big and strong kid ca (More)
Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick Chapters 1-2
My teacher read this book for our class. In the beginning, Max lives with Grim & Gram. His room is not the best, his room is the basement. He calls it the down under. The way I see his room is this smelly and disorganized. My room never smells (More)
Freak the Mighty Review **Spoiler Alert**
I thought the movie was really different than the book. (More)
Freak the Mighty Book Report by Rodman Philbrick **SPOILER ALERT**
I did not read this book, but my teacher red it to me. This book is about a boy named Max who's dad is a murderer, (More)
The X'ed-Out X-Ray
In the A to Z  mystery The X'ed-Out X-Ray the detectives are Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose. Dink and Ruth Rose are exited to see the conc (More)
My initial thoughts...
When my teacher told us the whole world could see it I was scared and freaked out at the same time. But now I am brave so I am fine but it was scary.Now I fell better you just have to forget it. (More)
Almost Summaries
In the book Cam Jansen and The Haunted House, Cam Jansen, Erik, Uncle George and Aunt Katie, go to the amusment park. After a while, Aunt Katie notices that her wallets stolin. Cam Jansen finds out who did it... More)
Nancy Drew and the Zoo Crew
In the mystery book,  Nancy Drew and the Zoo Crew, three girls want to find out who has been stealing the enrichment toys. The suspects are Ethan, Team Weasel and Marnie. They spend a great deal of time searching for clues to find out the alibi. The (More)
Mystery Book Club
In A Jigsaw Jones Mystery, The Case of the Vanishing Painting, Jigsaw Jones' class makes art and they will display it on Parents' Night. Geetha, the best artist in the grade, made a piece of art but it got stolen! Jigsaw and his detective partner/sid (More)
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