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Early TED Talk Thoughts
TED Talks are a hugely popular form of presentation. It involves a speaker sharing personal stories with an audience that can open their minds to new ideas and perspectives.TED Talks are often structured into three parts-- a belief statement or wonde (More)
Early Capstone Presentation Thoughts
You are entering Capstone season! Yay! What are your early thoughts on possible ways to present your findings/stories. Please post your early thoughts in the Comment space below. (More)
Working On My Final Project
Working on my final project I thought there was gonna be a lot of work and there was. I was gonna do an ignite but I chose not to because every 15 seconds the slide changes and it would change would I didn’t finish. I also have to practice the time w (More)
CapCon! 2018 is in the books...
Once again the 5th graders were amazing and rocked the CapCon! Capstone event.   The students documented the process on their own blogs. The blogs can be accessed via the classroom teacher's blogs (look for the "My class" menu on the sideb (More)
Main Inquiry Question Essay
Did you know in Australia about $20 million dollars a year because of asthma and respiratory disease which is thought to be caused by sandstorms. Also, topsoil (the top layer of soil) is extremely important for crops to grow, so a sandstorm can cause (More)
Preparing for CapCon! 2018
5th graders, It is CapCon! time. Here are some resources for helping you get ready for the big event. More)
CapCon! 2017 - a capstone learning conference
Every year the 5th graders of Scarsdale participate in Capstone. Capstone is the last two months of school, post-standardized testing. Students choose a topic, research it, and create a final product. It is designed to be a self-directed, passion/int (More)
Interview and Site Visit
Today I had my interview. First we had to come up with 10 questions. My ten questions are  What got you interested in photographing landscapes? Besides landscapes, is there any other type of photos that you like to take? What was differ (More)
To Ellis Island
Today the fifth grade went to Ellis Island and it was the best thing ever! Ellis Island is The Origin of the Island. From 1892 to 1954, over twelve million immigrants entered the United States through the portal of Ellis Island, a small island in New (More)
Capstone #2- Choosing Main Inquiry and Sub Questions
Choosing my Main inquiry question was difficult because  I had like 20. Then the next day we had computer and my teacher and the computer teacher were talking about our talking about out topics and when they got on me the computer teacher said that o (More)
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