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Blog #2 Choosing a Main Inquiry and Sub Questions
When I was finding a main inquiry question I thought, ā€œThis is challengingā€ and then I remembered that I also had to have 5-6 sub questions, which made it even more challenging. I thought that I was not going to finish this! But I did (at least I thi (More)
Capstone Post 1 - Choosing A Topic
Choosing a Topic An exciting research project that many 5th graders look forward to has finally arrived... Capstone! But along with fun comes responsibility. It's time to choose my topic. This might sound like an easy task but it really isn't. (More)
Choosing My Topic
Choosing my topic was a very challenging task. You had to think about an interesting topic that you could research a lot about. This was really hard because you had to brainstorm a lot and it was a trial and error process. At first I thought that my (More)
CapCon! 2016 - a capstone learning conference: Recap
Every year the 5th graders of Scarsdale participate in Capstone. Capstone is the last two months of school, post-standardized testing. Students choose a topic, research it, and create a final product. It is designed to be a self-directed, passion/int (More)
Pushing the limits of presentations with 5th graders
Toward the end of every school year the 5th graders embark on their Capstone Projects. They choose an area of interest, develop a main inquiry question and related sub-questions, seek out experts in their field of interest, conduct interviews, go on (More)
Capstone Part 7: Capstone Share (My Last Post on Capstone)
June 23, 2016 The Capstone share has finally come and passed! This year we presented in a different way. First off, we presented digitally instead of using trifold boards Secondly, 5th graders could either present live or present a different (More)
Capstone Project #7 (Final)
We are done with capstone. If you forgot I am doing it on the ASPCA. It was the final share for the parents and the students of Heathcote School. Here is a video from the parents share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaIYaiGnCpM It was better (More)
Capstone Post #7
Capstone is over. I think it was for the most part pretty easy but also can be a little bit challenging. It was challenging because of writing the blog post gathering enough information and video taping me talking. If I had to I would change the way (More)
The overall process of capstone was a blast! A blast of fun and a blast of learning! I really enjoyed learning all their is to know about child acting. It sure is a fascinating industry andĀ I can assure my iMovie can teach you about it! The Capsto (More)
Blog Post #7 Amazing Share
  I finished my capstone presentation. I learned that I can do anything and no one will stop me. Ben was really helpful because he helped me with the computer breakdown. I am happy it is over because it was hard work and a lot of information. (More)
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