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My Expert Book Reflection
I chose Learning Chinese for my expert book. First we chose what are chapters were. We did boxes and bullets of our chapters. After we chose our chapter (More)
My Expert Book Reflection
I chose  Thanksgiving as my expert book because it feels so nice when everyone gathers around the table full of food and you can think of what you should be thank full (More)
My Expert Book Reflection
When  I wrote my expert book and  I was making my list of all what I'm expert of then I was thing what on this list I'm the best at and then I got i (More)
My Expert Book Reflection.
My whole class wrote expert books. I wrote about guitar. we started out by picking a topic. Picking a topic for me was semi-hard. My first topic wa (More)
My Expert book about Baking
Here is my expert book about baking: Thanks for reading 🙂 (More)
My Expert Book Reflection
In third grade I posted an expert book. My expert book was about college Football. We were not allowed to do any research. Whe (More)
My Expert Book About College Football
This is my expert book on college football we chose a topic and we had to do it with out any research.  Hope you enjoy my expert book. Thanks for reading! (More)
My Expert Book About Football
This is my expert book and I really like football so I wanted to share it with you so I hope you like football too after you read his book. Thanks for reading!!! (More)
My Expert Book Reflection
I Wrote my expert book about bat/bar mitzvahs. The whole class wrote expert books too. I picked this topic because I know a lot about bat/bar mitzvahs. We all wrote (More)
My Expert Book on Gymnastics
Here is a book that is about gymnastics because I know a lot about gymnastics, it is a expert book. Thanks for reading. (More)
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