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Bendie Bridge
It has been a few weeks and we have finally finished our bridge. It is called the Bendie Bridge because it bends. Its made out of 78 Popsicle sticks, glue, and paint. I put most of the bridge together and I did the measurements and calculations. My g (More)
In a few days I will be going to a place where we get to do two work shops about science S, technology T, engineering E, art A, and mathematics M. One of the workshops are extracting strawberry DNA. I can't wait! (More)
A few days ago my sister and I made cupcakes. They were vanilla cupcakes. Sadly we messed up the blue frosting and we ended up with very little pink and purple frosting. Still the cupcakes were delicious! (More)
Mini Hogwarts
Today during Tinker Town we were doing components, me and my group made a mini Hogwarts. If you don't know what Hogwarts is, it is the school/castle from the book Harry Potter. More)
A few weeks ago me and my Tinker group made Hogwarts out of magfomers, magnatiles, a LED light, and a coin battery. More)
Social Media For Capstone!
Capstone is something all 5th graders are required to do at my school. Its where you study ONE topic for a very long time. At first I was going to do Kelloggs cereal but when I heard we would study it for a long time the topic just did not feel ri (More)
The Wizard Of Oz Epilogue
In my class we just finished The Wizard Of Oz. The challenge was to make an Epilogue (An Ending) that I personally loved to write. Scroll down to see what I came up with: A couple of months passed...   Dorothy missed her new friends very much. (More)
Heathcote Arcade
My class is creating a fun project.It's called the Heathcote Arcade. We are making fun games out of cardboard and other class materials such as glue sticks,highlighters,duct tape,sharpies stickers,paper,our school makerspace made by my teacher and po (More)
Hi! My name is Noam. My favorite dessert is Stracciatella ice cream. My favorite video game is Minecraft. My favorite game in Minecraft is TimelessPvP.net.  My Favorite food is pizza and sushi. My favorite color is  aquamarine. My favorite sports are (More)

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