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5th Grade - Immigration WeVideo - Important Notes
5th graders, A couple of important reminders A project like this is about layering elements to create a more meaningful, textured, story. Text, images, voice over, and music, all work together to create a more engaging final product than you (More)
5th Grade - Immigration WeVideo - Script
5th graders, As we talked about today, your WeVideo project on Immigration does not start with WeVideo, it starts with a Google Doc. What you need to do: In your Social Studies folder, make a new folder called Immigration Make sure yo (More)
Social Studies with Adobe Spark Video
Adobe Spark is a great platform we've been experimenting with this year. Adobe Spark has a few great benefits including being cloud based so students can use any connected device and access their work anywhere, and it gives you 3 options; Spark Post, (More)

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