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When I heard about this, I was like OH MY GOSH!!!! Like this was a chance to talk to a NASA member!!! Her name was Rachel Power. I wanted to ask her,"What was you furthest rocket, where was it planning to go, and where it landed?" Even though I could (More)
Video Conference With NASA Member
When we started calling Rachel Power, I was so excited to see a real member of NASA! I couldn't believe that our fifth grade was meeting a NASA member. We learned that NASA is working with a private company  called SPACE X, and that they are having a (More)
Talking With NASA
I thought it was really interesting when Rachel Power showed us the Milky Way. I have never seen a visual of the Milk Way before. It is really amazing how many rockets they have built and the accomplishments the rockets have had. I can't believe that (More)
Video conversation with NASA
We talked with Rachel Power. She told us about rockets and how they are made. She told us about which rockets were popular. She showed us videos of test landings. (More)
NASA video conference with person that works in NASA
It was SOOOOO interesting! We met with a person called Rachel Power who worked in NASA. We watched all these cool videos and learned what happened and what you have to do before a launch, and we were probably the only fifth grade in the whole DISTRIC (More)

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