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Public Speaking Used to Be Scarier
Second grade girls perform at the Edgewood Talent Show. I am always astonished at the ease with which Edgewood students rise to the challenge of public performances. Whether it' (More)
Greatest Invention? Kindergarten
Ms. Meyer prepares her students for a weather report. Mitchel Resnick of the MIT Media Lab, calls kindergarten the More)
Do Your Students Care About Your Writing Assignments?
Now that's an offensive question. It presumes that students might not. And that the teacher dictates what a child will write in the classroom. And when does that happen? Because in school students have plenty of opportunities to write freely... durin (More)
Show YouTube Videos without the Distractions
YouTube is an essential educational tool in today's classroom. But not everything on a YouTube video page is vital for learning. Not anyone's playlist, or on-deck videos, and definitely not the comments section. With this in mind, there are a few onl (More)
Video Chat Etiquette
Whether we communicate with a partner in a video chat or face-to-face, we rely on the same basic interpersonal communication skills.Ā We use our verbal language, voice intonation, body language, and facial expression to convey our thoughts, meaning, a (More)
4th Grade Ignites
This year 4th graders will be doing Ignite-style talks as part of their colony unit. The talks will be from the perspective of the colonist, in the voice of the times, to inform and inspire other colonist and potential colonists. In preparation fo (More)
Rocketry Presentation
I think our group did well in our rocketry presentation. Our group didn't look at the board and they new what they were going to say.I think we messed up a little on what else to say and when we were going to end. Overall our group worked together an (More)

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