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Capstone Project #7 (Final)
We are done with capstone. If you forgot I am doing it on the ASPCA. It was the final share for the parents and the students of Heathcote School. Here is a video from the parents share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaIYaiGnCpM It was better (More)
Capstone #6: Final Project
For our final project, we needed to express our knowledge of our topic. I chose to do a TEDTalk because it's long, and I could convey a lot of information. I started planning  it. TheTEDTalk took about two days to create. I practiced a lot, and then (More)
Capstone Project #6 (Working on Final Product)
In Capstone I am almost done. Right now I am practicing my Ted Talk. I am almost done with my Capstone I just need to practice. I am working on memorizing my script. I am doing this because I want to not look down at my cards all the time. When I sha (More)
Capstone Project #5
I am getting my way to answering my main inquiry question little by little. My main question is, How does the ASPCA save their animals and how do the events they hold and government support lead them to success? M (More)
Launch #1 and #2
Today we launched again. Our rocket launched much higher and we were very pleased with the way it turned out. In the first launch, our rocket went 20.5 meters up the air. According to the data our second launch we launched 37.5 meters. We changed alm (More)
Blast Off!
We had our classes rocket launch and we had a great time! My group was very proud to have a rocket to go this high. I think the water helped a lot. The more force the higher it is going to go. We added 250 ml of water and we put 95 psi air in the roc (More)
Rocketry Launch #2
We launched for our "second" time yesterday and this time we used water. The reason we did this is because the first time our rockets did not do very well with just air. What makes it goes up higher is the more force that is pushing the rocket down. (More)
Rocketry Project
We started our rocketry project about a month ago. We have to build a bottle rocket that can go the highest in meters. My group is using 2 1 liter bottles cut and duct tape together. We have 6 wings in total. Our top wings has a hole in it so the air (More)
Passion Project
If I can chose one thing to learn more about I would chose animals but one kind in mind. I would chose to learn about the canine family because there is so much history and all the 300 breeds and more and also all the mixes of dogs, there is so much (More)

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