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Capstone #7: Capstone Share
#7 is going to be my last blog post about Capstone and probably 5th grade. As some of you might know on the 20 & 21 we presented Capstone. The Capstone share was fairly boring. On the 20 I was stuck in the meeting room for almost 2 hours and it w (More)
Capstone #6
This blog post is going to be on working on my final Capstone project. I mentioned that I was doing an I-movie, however it's different than a typical I-movie. I made a google presentation like I would normally do: bullet points, script, titles, etc. (More)
Capstone: Extra post
This is my final product you can watch it on YouTube also, but I wanted to post it on my blog as well. https://youtu.be/AMtboU3WRg8   (More)
Westward Expansion unit
We had a westward expansion unit in school. We had to get assigned to a topic and we had to make a game for it. Our group was Going to make Jeprody. We asked people some questions to people and they answered it for a certin amount of amount points. O (More)
Debate #1 and 2
We did 2 debates. Both were on the same topic. Our topic was that should orca shows be banned? Me and Max think so. Meena and Jackson say yes. Actually, they say no but they had to do it only for the debate.... I think that  our 2nd debate was way be (More)
I had to do a debate about extreme sports. Are they worth the risk? Check out my Debates!! (More)
Cowboy life
I made a board game about cowboy life. We included facts and some people in the game. Someone in my group 3-D printed a monster(ogre) and put it in our game. I did not like that idea. But the rest was good. Click on the pictures to see the full pictu (More)

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