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Blogging & Social Media in the Elementary Classroom
My teaching philosophy has always involved a making component long before Makerspaces were mainstream. I believe in hands-on learning. Embodied cognition means to learn by doing; and similar to playing with fraction pieces to gain an understanding of (More)
Bye bye plastic bags
I liked the book One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul, because I thought it was interesting that someone made a bag out of plastic. I also liked it because, some people thought Isatou was making a random thing then it turned out it was a cool bag. The boo (More)
"Flying Solo" book review. spoiler alert!!!!!
Flying Solo was a great book! You really got to know all of the characters. I really wish the anther would have wrote about when Sean walked Rachel home. I wonder how Sean felt during this time. I wonder weather they communicated in any way even if i (More)
Flying Solo!
I really enjoyed reading Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher. One reason I really liked reading it is because I liked that it showed something about each person and that it is not about just 1 person. For example, when a kid in the class came up that we di (More)
My Response to the book Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher **Spoiler Alert**
Today I have been working on a reading response on the book Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher.      We just finished Flying Solo and I really enjoyed it. It was about Mr. Fabiano is a sixth-grade teacher who calls in sick on April 28. When his class a (More)
In Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher , the characters are: Mr. Sal Fabiano — a handsome and beloved sixth grade teacher. Rachel White — The de facto protagonist, Rachel has been mute for six months since a classmate (Tommy Feathers) who had a crush on h (More)
The Mighty Movie **Spoiler Alert**
My class watched the movie Freak the Mighty. Most of it was great and fun. They added and took away some parts from the book that  I cared about. For example, they added the basketball scene when Tony D. tripped Freak with a basketball and the coach (More)
Bud Not Buddy Book Club 12
I noticed that Bud was treated unfairly by the Amos. I noticed this because they put Bud in a shed to sleep. I feel bad for Bud because he is being treated unfairly by the Amos. I wonder if Bud will find his father. I predict later in the story Todd (More)
My Fifth Grade Memoir
The Freezing Cold Shower By Jake   My heart was pounding, my hands were trembling, my brother jumped up and smacked the ball down on me. I watched as the puny, white ping pong ball zoomed past me. “Yes!” my brother screamed. At tha (More)
New App = New Learning
I introduced Padlet to my 5th graders this week. I really didn’t know much about Padlet but thought it had the “cool factor” and would prove to be a very interesting way for my students to share their new investigations of non-fiction. I set up our c (More)
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