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Bud Not Buddy
Meeting my father for the first time in my life is an experience I would never forget. I don't think Bud will either.After a hard long journey Bud has finally arrived in Grand Rapids to meet his father. I'm so surprised that he didn't cry the second (More)
Bud Not Buddy
I think that Bud cautious. He always a checks things before he does stuff. His strategy is to find out as much information about the person he is confronting before acting. For example. He met a man who was a little strange. Bud told him that he had (More)
Bud Not Buddy Book Club 11
In this chapter Bud gets sent to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Amos and there son Todd. I noticed Bud is a very good liar. I know this because in the text it saysĀØ It seemed like Todd knew Number 3 of Bud Caldwell's Rules and Things for Having a Funner Li (More)
Bud not Buddy first two chapters
Bud is in the line at a foster home to get his breakfast. The head of the foster home comes up the line and calls Bud and another boy over to her. She says that they are going to stay with some other families for some time. They go upstairs to pack u (More)
Bud Not Buddy Chapter Five and Six
Since Bud is treated so badly at the foster home that he was sent to he decided to run away. Bud decides to try to sleep inside the library nearby. When Bud gets there he walks around back to try to climb in one of the windows. To his surprise there (More)
Bud Not Buddy
Bud really wants to find his dad. But he is being stopped by cops and other distractionsĀ along the way. He also stopped at his friend's daughters house. I think he is going to like his dad because he is well known in the town. I think Lefty Lewis is (More)
Bud Not Buddy
Bud wants to go west to his father. He needs a good way of transportation, but Flint during the Great Depression is a lot different than a modern city today. Transportation is hard to find. When bud wakes up next morning he finds himself face to face (More)
Bud not buddy half of chapter 9
Because Bud is trying to hop trains to get to a place with Bugs, one of his friends. They end up in a Hoversville. A Hoversville is a place where people camp out in tiny houses made out of cardboard, wood, and a little bit of metal. It is roughly put (More)
Hoot Book Club 10
I am very surprised that Mullet Fingers real name is Napoleon Bridger Leep. I think Roy is actually making up stuff so he could get away from the reporter. I know this because the text says" Look, I just went to stand up for the owls. That's all." Th (More)
6 Components of a 2.0 Reading Workshop Environment
6 Components of a 2.0 Reading Workshop Environment The pedagogical strands and theoretical principles of the Reading Workshop 1. Literate Environment - physical and social (Affinity Spaces) 2. Reading Aloud - daily ritual (no i (More)
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