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My initial thoughts...
I was freaked out when Mr.Casal told us that we were going to share our writing to the whole world. But for now i'm fine because only the Scarsdale district can see my writing. I am very excited for people to see my thoughts and writing. But I am sti (More)
Mystery book report
Encyclopedia Brown is sitting at his table at dinner and he is talking about diamonds with his dad witch is a police officer. Chief brown is worried about other police judges coming to Iddavile and he thinks that he will have nothing to entertain (More)
Almost Summaries
In the Cam Jansen mysteries, Cam Jansen and the Haunted More)
My initial thoughts...
I feel like I will fail for some reason or something so don't judge me or anything and If I get anything wrong don't tell me that I got it wrong. I kind of feel weird because a lot of people will see this and I am very young. {I am 8.} Every one will (More)
3rd Grade Google Slide: The Year Long Reflection
The Project:Using Google Slides 3rd grade students will create a 13 slide presentation, one month at a time, over the entire school year.The Why?It is never too early to start building a digital portfolio and not every portfolio will look the same. B (More)
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