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Public Speaking Used to Be Scarier
Second grade girls perform at the Edgewood Talent Show. I am always astonished at the ease with which Edgewood students rise to the challenge of public performances. Whether it' (More)
Capstone #7
Presenting was a bust. Or was it... let's find out.   On day one for presenting, I was disappointed. About seven people came to my station. I was hoping to get more than at least 10 people, but apparently that didn't happen. Also, the people (More)
Capstone #6
For capstone, the way I will be presenting is with an i-movie! I picked this as my "presentation" because, 1. I don't like doing google slide presentations 2. I like i-movies! I also have a poster, which has a QR code, a simple definition of gymnasti (More)
Social Media For Capstone!
Capstone is something all 5th graders are required to do at my school. Its where you study ONE topic for a very long time. At first I was going to do Kelloggs cereal but when I heard we would study it for a long time the topic just did not feel ri (More)

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