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Public Speaking Used to Be Scarier
Second grade girls perform at the Edgewood Talent Show. I am always astonished at the ease with which Edgewood students rise to the challenge of public performances. Whether it' (More)
How Deep is the Ocean?
This video takes you deep into the ocean, beyond the reach of natural light, beyond the depths any mammal has traveled. If Mt. Everest were submerged upside down into the deepest part of the ocean, its summit would reach 27,000 feet, well above the s (More)
Floating Trash
Every year humans discard their trash which winds up in waterways around the world. Here is a video on one such "floating trash island" in the Caribbean Sea. What else can we learn about floating trash islands? Take a few moments to help the class More)
Capstone #7
Presenting was a bust. Or was it... let's find out.   On day one for presenting, I was disappointed. About seven people came to my station. I was hoping to get more than at least 10 people, but apparently that didn't happen. Also, the people (More)
Capstone #6
For capstone, the way I will be presenting is with an i-movie! I picked this as my "presentation" because, 1. I don't like doing google slide presentations 2. I like i-movies! I also have a poster, which has a QR code, a simple definition of gymnasti (More)
Social Media For Capstone!
Capstone is something all 5th graders are required to do at my school. Its where you study ONE topic for a very long time. At first I was going to do Kelloggs cereal but when I heard we would study it for a long time the topic just did not feel ri (More)

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