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Science is really cool!
So far this year in 5th grade I have really been enjoying science. My absolute favorite part of science was rocketry where we have been brain storming, designing, and building rockets. We had our first launch on Wednesday, Nov. 4th. The first launch (More)
Rocket Launch #1
This was our classes first rocket launch! It was so much fun! It took our group about two days to build the rocket. When we launched it went pretty high. I was a little annoyed because two wings fell off. We used 6 wings, 2 vintage seltzer bottles an (More)
Rocketry (building)
Building our rocket for the first time was awesome. It took about two weeks to build them. We made the wings out of styrofoam covered in duct tape. We used two Vintage© bottles connected together for the body part of our rocket. Our first launch was (More)
This is our group about to launch our rocket. I am the one in the red shirt. We are pumping air into the rocket. We are supossed to put 90 PSI and 200 ml into our rocket. More)
Launch #1 and #2
Today we launched again. Our rocket launched much higher and we were very pleased with the way it turned out. In the first launch, our rocket went 20.5 meters up the air. According to the data our second launch we launched 37.5 meters. We changed alm (More)
In this photo we are setting up the rocket so that when pull the string it would go up in the like a real rock (More)
Mission Impossible Launches Again!
    Another launch for the Mission Impossible rocket! It turns out the first rocket launch didn't count as a launch. But we didn't mind because our rocket split in half!     Our second launch was a great success for my group. I think p (More)
Rocketry Launch of 11/9/15
    Today we had our second launch and everybody's rocket worked out except ours. At first I was very depressed because we were the only group that failed. But then we each got to pick a helper and we all did. It took a little while to reorga (More)
Presenting rocketry slides
When we were practicing our slides in the wing I was so nervous that our group would fail because we kept messing up but, when the time came to present I was wrong. Our group did so well because we said what we were supposed to and kept our eyes on t (More)
When I heard about this, I was like OH MY GOSH!!!! Like this was a chance to talk to a NASA member!!! Her name was Rachel Power. I wanted to ask her,"What was you furthest rocket, where was it planning to go, and where it landed?" Even though I could (More)
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