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Rocketry Presentation Reflection
Before the presentation, I was very nervous to present. As we were presenting, I was wondering if the parents who were watching me could tell that I was nervous. Luckily, we didn't have any group arguments in the middle of the presentation, or techni (More)
Rocketry reflection
I have just had my rocketry share whit my class.I am so happy that mine hade no problems. I said what I was supposed and it was all good! (More)
Video Conference With NASA Member
When we started calling Rachel Power, I was so excited to see a real member of NASA! I couldn't believe that our fifth grade was meeting a NASA member. We learned that NASA is working with a private company Ā called SPACE X, and that they are having a (More)
Rocketry Presentation
I think our rocketry presentation was really good, and that we really payed it off. And that it took a lot of practice to remember what we were going to say, and remember our slides. But overall, we did really good, and we spoke really loud and clear (More)
Rocketry Presentation
Today was our rocketry presentation. I was very worried in the beginning. Everything went how we planned except for one thing. Spme of the people in my group said my slides so I only got a few slides. Other than that our share was a big sucess (More)
NASA Conference Call
We used Vidyo to interview a NASA digital learning network person, Rachel Power. She gave us lots of information. One piece of information she gave us was that there is going to be a launch at 8:30 P.M. EST that could make history! You should watch i (More)
Rocketry Presentation Reflection
Our group started out well. But that all changed when the order of our slides was wrong. That didn't affect us that much, but that took a toll on us later on in the presentation. I thought we did poorly but other people didn't think so. (More)
Our graph shows that our second launch was 41 meters higher than our first launch. Our group was excited and knew that the changes we made were a good idea. First of all we changed our nose cone from paper to a 3D printed nose cone. Our second change (More)
Rocket Launch #2
Yesterday was launch #2 for our rockets. My group had the highest launch on launch #1, and we wanted to keep the record. We changed a lot, which we should not have done because our rocket was already great. Before the changes were made, the rocket ha (More)
Rocketry Video
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