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Rube Goldberg - Post #6
Here is our finished iMovie: (video to come) Now that we really are done, I can verify that I enjoyed doing Rube Goldberg. This project was very interesting. We could see if our ideas actually worked, and I also was creative (which I am normall (More)
Rube Goldberg - Post #4
Tyler and I are halfway done. This is what we have so far: Basically, a Nerf gun shoots a Nerf bullet which hits some dominoes that push a small, clay (More)
Rube Goldberg - Post #3
New plan. Tyler and I tested the Nerf gun idea and it didn't work. We also realized how stupid our first sketch was and how hard it would be to build. So, instead of having one step on a pegboard, the whole machine will. This is our new sketch: More)
Rube Goldberg - Post #2
Everything is coming along well. Tyler and I finished the sketch via FaceTime last night. I think the way we will start the machine is cool, but it is unclear if it will work or not because we haven't tested it yet. The plan is to tie one end of a pi (More)
Rube Goldberg - Post #1
Rube Goldberg seems very cool. I think it would be very hard to work alone, though. Tyler and I are having trouble even coming up with a sketch, so there's no way I would be able to do this project alone. For some reason it is very hard to think of s (More)
Rube Goldberg - Post #5
Success! Success! It worked! Our machine worked! I don't know exactly, but I think it took about 15-20 tries. To make up for our first step, we added a mousetrap at the end. The golf ball falls into a cup that not only hits the books, but also lifts (More)
Rube Goldberg Machine
Last week Jackson and I also did trials 5-15 and we finally got it on the fifteenth trial. On the fifth trial the golf ball did not have enough power to hit the board game boxes down. That was a recurring issue and we had to find the perfect place to (More)
Rube Goldberg Machine
Jackson and I have started doing our iMovie and it is working out really well. We put all of our fails in it because it is only 14 fails and on the fifthteenth time it actually worked. We added a lot of cool music that would go with our fails. We als (More)
Rube Goldberg
Last week Jackson and I started our trials for our Rube Goldberg. On the first trial it almost worked but the lego tower that we built was just a bit too close to the basketball hoop so it did not work. If the lego tower was just a bit more away from (More)
Rube Goldberg Project
Jackson and I spent a lot of time to find materials for our Rube Goldberg project. These are our materials that we are using: Board games boxes - We are using board games boxes for large dominoes. A small golf ball - We are using that to sta (More)
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